Jan 17, 2024

9 Best products for an at-home winter pedicure

Simran Sukhnani

Beauté Secrets Essentials Manicure Set Nail Clippers

An all-in-one clipper set that packs everything essential so you can pamper yourself at home with all the salon-expert tools. Chip, clip, and brush the way you’d like this set is going to be by your side to groom your nails the perfect way!

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Caresmith Bloom Rechargeable Callus Remover for Feet

Winter comes with its disadvantages as well and callus is the biggest of them all. But with this callus remover, hiding your feet is a thing of the past. It effectively removes all the patchy, rough skin and reveals a smooth, soft touch that will make you flaunt your feet!

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VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit

Take your winter pedicure routine a notch up with this foot and hand kit by your side. VLCC is known to look after your skin and provide the best care to it no matter what the season calls for. This kit works best for hands and feet to provide a salon-like experience at home.

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leegoal Toe Nail Clipper for Ingrown or Thick Toenails

Toe nails need to be groomed and trimmed properly. And ingrown toenails can make your days difficult and some may even require surgery. So it’s always better to keep your feet in check with this toe nail clipper that provides soft nails and a smooth look.

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Fixderma Foobetik Cream Foot cream

Give the best care to your dry, cracked feet with the best foot cream out there. This one is even suited for those who suffer from diabetes and other ailments. It clears off dead skin cells and sheds away the rough skin. Welcome smooth, soft feet and heels.

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SHAYONAM Foot Massager Pain Relief Wireless Electric EMS Massage Machine

Don’t let the pain come in the way of you having a warm, fuzzy winter. This massage machine takes the best care of your feet and relieves every inch of pain. All you have to do is place your feet there and forget the rest. It gives the perfect therapy.

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic

Moisturize, nourish and take the best care of your feet this winter with this cocoa butter formula by your side. This foot cream hydrates your skin and alleviates all signs of roughness and flaky skin. It actually works like magic on your feet.

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LuxaDerme Peeling & Exfoliating Foot Mask for Baby Soft Feet

Having baby soft feet can now be a reality. This foot mask deeply moisturizes your skin and offers an outstanding experience too! It effectively removes dry skin and hard calluses by exfoliating dead skin cells and deeply nourishes your feet.

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ESYA Moisturizing Socks, Gel Socks Soft Moisturizing Gel Socks

Are you getting weirded out by the idea of gel socks? Don’t worry! It’s for the health of your feet. These gel socks give you an experience of a spa at home. It softens dry cracked feet as the gel lining is heavily infused with Essential Oils and Vitamins.

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