10 Best South Korean serums to buy in India

Simran Sukhnani

Jan 16, 2024

Pilgrim Korean 2% Alpha Arbutin & 3% Vitamin C Brightening Face Serum

This serum is enriched with Vitamin C that brightens skin tone, increases radiance and prevents signs of aging. Alpha Arbutin in the formula helps diminish dark spots and reveal your true glow. Blueberry extracts in the serum actively work on fine lines and wrinkles, smoothening their look.

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Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C serum Korean Beauty Product

Well-known in the world of Korean Skincare is Klairs with its revolutionary Vitamin C Juiced Serum that is thoughtfully concocted to energize and rejuvenate your skin with the power of the strong antioxidant - VItamin C. It offers gentle exfoliation and fades pigmentation.

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SOME BY MI Korean Beauty Super Whitening Yuja Niacin

Got a blemish? Make it a thing of the past with this super whitening serum on your side. Hailing from the land of Korean beauty, it works as a dual functioning product: offering whitening + anti-wrinkle benefits. It features 5% Niacinamide and 82% of Korean Yuja Extract.

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Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum Propolis+Niacinamide

The beauty of South Korean stars is now ready to be yours! This serum is made with the star ingredient Propolis extract that relieves skin roughness and makes the texture soft like butter and shiny like honey! Ready to attract the bees and everyone else with your silky glow?

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The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Face Serum

2024 is not the year for dullness at all! This radiance serum by The Face Shop features a lightweight texture that penetrates deep into your skin in an instant and releases a power boost of brightness and radiance. It is made up of naturally brightening ingredients that help unlock the glow.

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Cos De BAHA 10% Glycolic Serum with Witch Hazel

The gentle exfoliating power of Glycolic Acid gives your skin the much-needed pat on the shoulder to reveal its true brightness and radiance. This serum by Cos De BAHA is formulated with Glycolic Acid and Witch Hazel to slough off dead skin cells and bring out your true glow.

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AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum

Let go of the spots! The best Korean Beauty Spot Correcting Serum has made it to town! This serum by AXIS-Y works supremely well in correcting hyperpigmentation and brightening your skin from within. It works on breaking down Melanin in the skin and releases a powerful antioxidant action too.

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JUMISO All Day Vitamin Brightening and Balancing Facial Serum

The K-beauty Skincare secret to keep glowing all day and through the night? Here it is! REVEALED! This serum is concocted with Vitamin Tree Extract, Niacinamide and Centella Asiatica Extract to help your skin fight dullness, the look of pores and keep it plump for long!

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Numbuzin No.3 Skin Softening Serum

Time to reduce pore size and skin roughness down to a zero! This serum makes your skin feel smoother and look brighter within 2 weeks backed by the power of Science. 100% people have agreed to having their skin look resurfaced after application with this revolutionary serum.

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