Jan 19, 2024

​9 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights to Elevate Your Homes

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ACTIVA Premium Ceiling Fan

This Activa Premium Ceiling Fan is highly effective and long-lasting. It produces less noise as compared to other fans, making it perfect for those who love their peace, and with six different speed controls, you can easily change the mode with a click of a button.

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Atomberg Ceiling Fan

To add that sleek finish to your ceiling, consider the Atomberg Ceiling Fan. Saving up to 65% energy, this fan is here to deliver superior air delivery. Affordable, easy to install, and with a 2-year warranty, this beauty is something you don't want to miss out on.

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Crompton Ceiling Fan

Here to add some flare to your roof is the Crompton Ceiling Fan. With a motor speed of 320 RPM, this fan is convenient to use with its pull cord to control speed and light. Built to provide maximum air delivery with its four-blade design, this fan is perfect for you.

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Havells Octet Ceiling Fan

Havells has made quite a name for itself in the market, and this time they have the perfect 8-blade ceiling fan to provide you with high-air delivery while saving energy. Controlled by a remote, this fan makes life easy as it can be operated from any corner of the room.

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Luminous Ceiling Fan

The Luminous Ceiling Fan is made from low-density aluminum, which provides a high flow of air and makes the product easy to clean. Built with five-speed regulators, this fan can be controlled by a remote. This fan will make a great addition to your home.

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Orient Electric Ceiling Fan

The Orient Electric Ceiling Fan is here to change the world of air circulation. Built with a reversible motor, this beauty can be used throughout the year, providing cold air during summers and hot air during winters. This design helps with a high-quality flow of air.

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Polycab Premium Ceiling Fan

To add a modern touch to your ceiling, Polycab is here with its premium fan. Designed to convey luxury, this fan is operated through a remote. Built using the highest grade of pure copper, this beauty is here to circulate air throughout the entire room.

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Polycab SP03 Premium Fan

Making it back to the list is Polycab with its SP03 Premium Ceiling Fan. Built with a 6-color LED light, this fan is here to help you with every single mood. This fan consumes 52 watts, which helps save energy, and the rust-free blade makes it easy to clean.

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Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan

Designed with removable lights, this ceiling fan is perfect for any occasion. With separate chain chords for light and speed, you can get up to three-speed levels. With wide anti-rust aluminum blades, this fan helps circulate air freely to all parts of the room.

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