Jan 18, 2024

9 Best Cushions you should buy for your home right now

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MY ARMOR Microfiber Square Pillow

This is a pillow that provides incredible amounts of support to you without sacrificing comfort. These are covered in beautiful fabrics and trimmed elegantly. Their minimalism will pair well with the aesthetics of your room and add a modern look to your house as well.

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Kuber Industries Square Chair Pad/Cushion

This chair cushion is designed to fit any chair and give your body the comfort and support it craves while spending lengthy hours sitting. These pads are filled with premium grade microfiber that adjusts to your body to reduce pressure on hips, tailbone and lower back.

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Homescape Microfiber Ultra Soft Smooth Throw Pillow

These come in a set of 5 throw pillows. They all have cozy, velvet materials present in many colors. These will surely add a pop of color to your space. These cushions are made using premium filling materials to offer a smooth and luxurious finish.

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The Purple Tree Cute Cloud Moon Star Cot Cushion with Crown

You get a set of three super cute cushions in gorgeous pastel colours. The decorative cushions in the set are in the shape of a cloud, a moon and a star which will be adored by the little one’s. Kids can cuddle up with this fluffy pillow and fall asleep.

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NEW COMERS Cotton Baby Pillow With Super Soft Fabric

This cotton pillow is perfect for little ones. It has a cute animal print present on the front with beautiful colours. The pillow is hypoallergenic and chemical free, making it safe to be used for babies. It has the right amount of fluff, preventing neck and head problems.

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STITCHNEST Zigzag Elephant Blue Shaped Cushion for Home Décor

This elephant shaped pillow is often loved by all kids and can be used to create a fun and whimsical atmosphere. These can be added to any room to give it a unique twist. These cushions are made from different materials like plush fabrics. It is easy to maintain.

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K1Gifts Satin Personalized 8 Photos And Name Pillow For Birthday Printed Cushion

This is the cushion one can easily customise for loved ones, with 8 pictures of their memories with each other. This makes a great gift for any occasion as well. The print quality of photos is great as well. This comes along with the pillow filler for the cover.

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Heart Home Silky Soft Microfiber Disney Printed Toddler Kids Pillow

This pillow has an adorable design of the Disney character Minnie mouse. The pillow is pink in colour matching Minnie's looks. This is a perfect pillow for disney loving toddlers. The design is also fade resistant. This is made with breathable quality microfiber fabric.

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