Jan 18, 2024

9 Best Laundry Bags to keep your house clean and tidy

Simran Sukhnani

Homestrap Hamper Helper

Looking for a sturdy and durable laundry helper? This one by Homestrap is going to be your best buddy for this! It comes with strong handles that look luxurious while the bag is made with premium cotton. It also offers a whopping 39 liters capacity.

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HOKIPO Cotton Round Folding Laundry Basket with Drawstring Closure

Want your laundry basket to be quirky and cool? This one by Hopiko is for you then! It comes with a super awesome drawstring closure that holds in all your dirty laundry and can be easily carried from your room to the washing machine too!

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Heart Home Waterproof Round Non Woven Laundry Bag

A laundry bag that keeps reminding you to wash your clothes? Definitely deserves a right swipe! This laundry bag features a large 45 liters capacity. It comes with a superior metallic print too. It is easily foldable and easy to use, while being compact to carry too!

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PrettyKrafts 45 Ltr Folding Laundry Basket for Clothes

With thickened, sturdy and beautifully lightweight handles, this basket deserves to be the caregiver for your laundry. It also features high quality, waterproof, non-woven fabric with a thickened bottom that makes it super long-lasting.

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HOKIPO Mesh Laundry Clothes Washing Bag

Why go for one laundry basket when you can choose multiple? This one by Hopiko is a mix of laundry bags that come in different sizes to hold in all your essentials. So, rather than dumping everything in one, segregate your laundry the way you want with these bags.

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Velolight Laundry Basket with Handles

Cool, classy and elegant - that’s what describes this laundry basket the best! It features sturdy circular handles that add to the overall beauty. It is also completely water resistant so you can keep it in the shower and dump your laundry on the go!

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Homestrap Printed Foldable Laundry Bag/Bin Cum Basket

Looking for a laundry bag that doubles up as a bin too? This printed laundry bag is a sturdy one that comes with the highest capacity ever - featuring 70 liters! It also comes with eyelets to easily carry it from one place to another.

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Cello Eliza Plastic Laundry Basket

Want a sturdy plastic laundry bin to handle all your clothes? This one by Cello is a super reliable one that comes with comfortable, easy-to-reach handles and eyelets that make it easy to carry. It is also specially designed with air vents to keep your clothes odor free.

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Kuber Industries Laheriya Printed Waterproof Canvas Laundry Bag

Let the prints win the laundry game! This waterproof canvas bag by Kuber Industries is here to add the pop of color to your shower while keeping all your dirty laundry at bay! The canvas is super lightweight and durable to last for years to come!

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