Jul 10, 2024

​How to Prepare Your Home for Monsoon

Akanksha Sharma

​Clear Gutters and Drains

Cleaning drains during the rainy season is important to prevent water damage and ensure proper drainage. Use Harpic DrainXpert Drain Cleaner to dissolve grease and hair, keeping drains clear without harming pipes.

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​Use Umbrella Stand Near your Entrance

It's essential to use an umbrella stand for organized storage near your entrance. This helps keep umbrellas accessible and reduces indoor clutter. Consider the Furniture Hub Umbrella Stand for its durability and stylish functionality that will enhance both decor and convenience.

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​Check for Leaks and Seals

Inspect windows, doors, and roofs for any leaks. Properly seal them to prevent water seepage during heavy rainfall, which can lead to interior damage and mold growth.

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​Trim Overhanging Branches

Trim tree branches near your home to prevent them from breaking during strong winds and causing damage to your roof or windows. This proactive measure reduces the risk of storm-related accidents and property damage.

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​Use Door Bottom Sealing Strips

Using a door bottom sealing strip, such as the Radiant 36 Inch Under Door Draft Stopper, is essential for maintaining a comfortable home. It seals doors tightly to reduce drafts and keep out wind, dust, sound, and pollutants effectively.

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​Waterproof your Walls

Apply waterproof coatings to external walls and roofs to protect your home from water damage. This preventive measure enhances the longevity of your home's structure and minimizes maintenance costs over time.

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Maintain Indoor Air Circulation

Maintain good indoor air circulation during the monsoon by using exhaust fans or dehumidifiers. This helps prevent mold and mildew growth, which thrive in humid conditions, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your family.

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​Keep Food Fresh with Airtight Containers

To prevent food from going stale, use TEX-RO Airtight Containers. Their silicone gasket lids seal tightly, ensuring food stays fresh longer. Made from durable, BPA-free plastic, they're easy to clean and see-through for quick identification.

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​Keep Flies Away

It's crucial to keep your kitchen and dining areas clean and free of food scraps. Dispose of garbage promptly and ensure trash bins are tightly sealed. Using fly screens on windows and doors can also help prevent flies from entering your home.

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