6 essentials to start your fitness journey

Simran Sukhnani

Jun 12, 2024

Your fitness, your way

Fitness has different shapes and forms. For some, it’s weightlifting, for others, it’s yoga and those who live a super inactive life, adding a couple hundred steps to your day-to-day is enough fitness to start off with

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#1 fitness tip

The number 1 fitness tip is to have a goal and stay committed to it in every way. Your goal can be to be more fit, improve your cardiovascular strength, get abs or just leave your desk more often. The first thing you need to have is a routine.

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6 products to get started with

Here are 6 essentials you’d need to get started with your fitness journey. Tap on and unlock the fittest version of yourself with discipline and routine. Add the products to the cart and start today. Get started now!

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Yoga Mat

If you want to start off with some light yoga at home, getting a yoga mat and blocks can be the right way forward. The Boldfit Yoga mat is a superior mat to start your fitness journey with. It is 6mm thick, slip-resistant and super lightweight, you can carry it wherever you like

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Or maybe you are someone who wants to get started with strength training and make this the year of abs. Then, these dumbbells by Lifelong are the best ones to help you in your fitness journey. They are made with PVC and are perfect for everyday home workout

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Foam Roller

For some, taking more breaks from the desk is as good a fitness routine as any. If this sounds more like you, then you need to start with a stretching routine between your work-from-home schedule. This foam roller kit is the best for you to relax the muscle tension and build up

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Resistance Bands

Want to enjoy a sweaty class of Zumba or a touch of Calesthenics at home? These resistance bands will give you the added push to keep the sweat coming and the hard work going. Get ready to be the fittest version of yourself with AmazonBasics Resistance Bands

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Fitness Band

If you want to take it a little slow, walking is your thing. Get your hands on a fitness band and start counting your steps. Hitting 5000-7000 steps in a day is adequate to keep your fitness goals on track, and with Amazfit Band 7 tracking, it becomes super easy

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To a Fitter You

So, no matter what your fitness goal is, take it slow and keep your determination mode on, and you will be ready to smash your goals one step at a time. Try and embrace the process rather than rushing into the end goal and you will fall in love with being fit and healthy

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