Happy World Environment Day: Make A Difference with These 7 Simple Steps

Simran Sukhnani

Jun 5, 2024

World Environment Day slogan 2024 “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration"

This year’s campaign focuses on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience. This means we must set the right standard for future generations to save the environment correctly.

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Step 1: A daily reminder works as a constant manifestation.

Turn the World Environment Day slogan 2024 into a poster and hang it on the wall of the most visited area of your house. Let the slogan work as a visual reminder for the younger generation in your home.

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Step 2: The grass is always green.

Plant trees and let the garden spread with these customizable seed balls. They work as perfect return gift packages that you can use for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and even the World Environment Day. 2 seed balls per pouch and 100 packets.

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Step 3: Make use of what’s already there

Our elders were always right about this. Wear all your clothes before getting new ones, use all your bags before ordering the next ones, empty your skincare and makeup essentials before getting the trendiest ones on block. Trends come and go, Mother Nature doesn’t.

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Step 4: Sustainable additions go a long way

Healthy for you and healthy for the environment, too, sustainability should be the newest viral trend. This pack is all you need to get you started on the sustainable journey starting this World Environment Day. Even the tiniest of efforts make a difference

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Step 5: Upcycle what you can, donate what you can’t

Upcycling has always been a fun thing to do. This World Environment Day, upcycle things and turn them into a cool project for your kids to learn from. Clothes or things you can’t recycle, give them to the less fortunate ones who’d appreciate it.

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Step 6: Meal prep to avoid wastage

The little things make the biggest difference. If you love eating and cooking too, try to prep your meals in advance to minimize wastage. Plan a week or 15 days well in advance. This will keep both you and the environment healthy.

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Step 7: Detox from the digital world

The environment is affected by the digital footprint as well. Spend a day exploring the wonders of the world, aka, hosting a picnic, going to the beachside or just chilling with friends, everything away from the screen. Save the environment while enjoying the best time.

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Go Green in 7 Simple Steps

These are the 7 best and most simple World Environment Day activities that you can do in order to save Mother Nature while spending time making it a memorable day and especially for the younger generations who are going to take this legacy forward.

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