Must-Have Accessories to Enhance Bathroom Aesthetics

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Apr 28, 2024

​BAREPEPE Qtip Storage Canister for Cotton Ball

Get organised with a 2-pack of transparent storage jars. Made of durable plastic resembling glass, they won't shatter. Each jar, features a removable lid to keep contents dust-free. Perfect for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or office organisation.

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​Happer Plastic Premium Storage Cabinet

This cabinet features a modern, sleek design and complements various bedroom interiors. Its ample storage capacity and deep compartments efficiently organise necessities without occupying much space. It is made with durable plastic and withstands humid conditions.

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FORTUNE Stainless Steel Hanger Towel Bar

Looking for a towel rack that keeps your towels hygienic and organised? Then this stainless-steel bath towel bar is perfect for you. It features 180-degree swivel arms, perfect for storing wet and dry towels separately. It's easy to install and stylishly designed.

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Nyarra Soap Holder for Bathroom

This must-have self-adhesive soap case has an advanced magic sticker for secure attachment and high load-bearing capacity. With a sleek design and easy installation with no tools required, it's perfect for keeping your space organised in the bathroom

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Chillyfit Wall Hooks for Hanging Strong

Looking for wall hooks without drilling? These adhesive hooks feature sturdy stainless-steel construction, holding heavy items without rusting. Versatile and easy to install on various surfaces, they're perfect for organising spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

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BATH GURU Plastic Wall Mounted Dispenser

Get organised with the Bath Guru Soap Dispenser! This clear, chrome-plated dispenser holds 350ml of soap or sanitiser and comes with a wall-mounted bracket and screw for easy installation. Its lockable cover removes dust, making it ideal for home.

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Godrej aer Matic Kit Automatic Room Fresheners

Say goodbye to short-lived scents in the bathroom with this battery-operated automatic air freshener! Enjoy consistent refreshing fragrances throughout the day, with each refill lasting up to 60 days. Flexible control the intensity and choose from 3 spray options.

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Plantex Steel Multipurpose Bathroom Shelf

Looking for versatile storage solutions? Plantex multipurpose shelf offers durability with its steel construction and 7-layer powder-coated finish. It features hooks for hanging essentials. Easy installation with adhesive stickers, no drilling required.

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​SARAL HOME Set Of 2 Bathmats

This mat offers a super-soft feel and quick-drying capability. It protects your feet from cold floors after a shower. It is easy to care for with a gentle machine wash, maintaining its softness and colour vibrancy.

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