Jan 19, 2024

​5G smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensor

Himani Jha

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the ultimate Android phone, with a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, an impressive 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, and a versatile quad-lens rear camera system. Its in-display fingerprint sensor is one of the fastest and most accurate.

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Xiaomi 13 Ultra

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra offers flagship-level specs at a more competitive price point compared to some of its rivals. Its in-display fingerprint sensor has a larger sensing area for impressive accuracy and speed.

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Realme 11 Pro

The Realme 11 Pro boasts several impressive features, and its in-display fingerprint sensor is one of them. Its in-display fingerprint sensor uses optical technology to scan the user's fingerprint. It makes the phone even more convenient and secure.

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iQOO 12 5G

The iQOO 12 5G features an in-display fingerprint sensor that is located under the OLED display. The sensor is optical and uses light to scan the fingerprint. The sensor is very secure, and it is resistant to spoofing. It is said to unlock the phone in just 0.2 seconds.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

The Galaxy S23 FE, Samsung's latest Fan Edition smartphone, comes equipped with an in-display fingerprint sensor. This sensor is located under the phone's display, and it allows you to unlock your device by simply placing your finger on it

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OnePlus 11r 5G

The OnePlus 11R's in-display sensor reacts with lightning-fast accuracy, unlocking your phone in a split second. Imagine seamlessly accessing your apps, messages, and notifications with just a tap. The phone is one of the best options under Rs 50,000.

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OnePlus 11

The OnePlus 11 features a 6th-generation in-display fingerprint sensor, which is the company's fastest and most secure sensor yet. The sensor is located under the display, and it uses optical technology to scan your fingerprint.

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iQoo 11 5G

The iQOO 11 5G is another best option with an optical in-display fingerprint sensor. The sensor is embedded beneath the display that you can unlock by placing your finger on the designated area. You can add up to five fingerprints to the iQOO 11 5G.

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Nothing Phone 2

Nothing Phone 2 fingerprint sensor is impressively fast, unlocking the phone in under a second with consistent accuracy. The sensor's integration into the display is seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

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