Jan 18, 2024

9 Best Wall Clocks that will brighten up your home under Rs. 500!​

Simran Sukhnani

OREX Stylish Leaves Design Wall Clock

Bring the greenery to your life with this clock by your side. It works well for your living room, kids room or even your kitchen, adding the much-needed touch of nature to complement your home’s decor! Make every day lively!

Credit: Amazon

Zoliva Wall Clock 12" Silent Quartz Decorative Latest Wall Clock

Love all things vintage? Then this clock deserves to be in your life and your life. It is battery operated and super easy to read. It also adds the aesthetic old-school touch to your life and makes every room a pretty one!

Credit: Amazon

Kadio Analog 39 cm X 26 cm Wall Clock

Want the sailor vibe to adorn your home? This wall clock is gonna be the best investment for you then! It will brighten up the look of every room and make all your guests compliment your taste in home decor!

Credit: Amazon

Shraddha 12-inch Plastic & Glass Wall Clock

Classic, simple and standard, if that’s your vibe; then this clock by Shraddha deserves to be in your house. It will add the all-time favorite look to your rooms displaying clear visibility and modern design. One that everyone will like!

Credit: Amazon

Amazon Brand - Solimo Design16 12-inch Plastic Wall Clock

A clock that suits every occasion - is that what you were looking for? Then we’ve heard you loud and clear and this wall clock by Amazon Solimo will be your best bud! It is easy to read even from a distance too.

Credit: Amazon

Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock 14 Inches Vintage Sweep Wall Clock

Featuring a real silent sweep movement that offers pin-drop silence to your home - this wall clock by Ajanta comes with /- 20 seconds per month accuracy. It is made with a classic matte wood color finish ring that suits every decor.

Credit: Amazon

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Oreva Plastic Vintage Wall Clock

The perfect addition to make your living room actually lively - this wall clock adds the memories to the time passing by. With this one in your home, you’d want to pause every moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

Credit: Amazon

CHRONIKLE Beautiful Round Silver Color Plastic Case White Dial Analog Wall Clock

Made with high quality material by skilled artisans, featuring a perfect finish and durable mechanism, this wall clock is here to last long. It is super low-maintenance and can be cleaned easily, keeping it shining bright for years to come.

Credit: Amazon

Creative Creation Customized Square Wood Wall Clock

When everything in your house is customized according to your liking, why leave the wall clock behind? Customize your time the way you like and make it last for long! This wooden wall clock allows you to add your favorite memories as the back so you can enjoy them forever.

Credit: Amazon

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