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Best tips to shop eco-friendly: International Plastic Bag Free Day

Jun 27, 2024

Step 1: Ditch the plastic bags

Every plastic bag that you have thrown in the trash ends up in a landfill that extends for acres with no sign of decomposing. Thus, let’s eliminate the problem altogether. Ditch the use of plastic bags of all shapes and sizes

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Carry your reusable bags

Whenever you step out to shop carry your own reusable shopping bag along with yourself. You can get a shopping Tote bag that looks cute and is reusable, too! wolpin Foldable Shopping Bag for Grocery is foldable, easy to carry and comes with an ample amount of space, too!

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Store right

Don’t use tiny plastic bags to store your veggies and fruits in the fridge or kitchen. Use reusable cotton bags that come with a zip lock. They also keep your veggies and fruits fresh for longer. You can go for Necavu 100% cotton set of 6 fridge bags. They are perfect for fridge storage

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Carry your essentials in a canvas bag

Other ways to ditch the use of a plastic bag are to take your lunch in a canvas bag to work or any other place where you are headed. Allo Insulated Jute Lunch Bag For Lunch Box is perfect. It keeps your food warm for longer, comes with a ziper and sturdy handles

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Switch to storage containers

Store the lentils, rice, sugar and more the right way in your kitchen. Use good-quality storage container sets that help keep your kitchen organised and eco-friendly. Amazon Brand - Solimo Checkered Jar Container, Set of 18 is perfect for this

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Eco-friendly detergent

Ditch the toxic clothes detergent that comes in plastic bag packaging. You can switch to Happi Planet Natural Laundry Liquid Detergent, which is completely plant-based, soft on your clothes, biodegradable, organic and comes in non-plastic packaging

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Don’t drink plastics!

Plastic bottles are not as good for your health as you may think. Everytime you drink from these bottles, some amount of microplastics get released in your water. Opt for castanea Water Bottle 750 ml with Air Tight Black Matte Lid. These bottles are made with glass and are safe

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Care more, love more

The environment needs your love, care and, most importantly, your consideration. Make the right choices by picking what is right. This International Plastic Bag Free Day, let go of the plastics and opt the sustainable

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Take the stand

And while you let go of the plastics from your life, don't forget to take the stand and take the right action, too. Plant more trees and save Mother Earth, because she really needs our help!​

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