​Manifesting? Here's all you need for the best vision board!

Krishika Bhan

Jul 8, 2024

​Choose your canvas

Start your manifesting journey by selecting a vision board that will ignite your dreams. The vision board by Vision Soft Board provides a smooth surface to sketch and attach materials.

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​ Size up your vision

After you have decided on your canvas board, consider the size of your space and the scope. A large canvas will provide you with ample space for visualization whereas compact will be perfect for focused themes.

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​Choose the texture that inspires your vision

Select a high-quality cork board or plain board for a classic feel and ease of pinning. ArtzFolio Natural Texture cork board offers a tactile experience and has a plain smooth surface allowing you to rearrange and update your vision effortlessly.

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​Color your path to success

Customize your vision board with marker colors that resonate with your aspirations. Ohuhu Alcohol Markers Bright colors stimulate creativity and energy, while softer tones promote focus and relaxation. Choose a color scheme that reflects your personality and enhances your visualization process.

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​Elevate your board with style

Personalize your vision board with accessories that will tell its impact. Use colorful pins to highlight goals and achievements, markers for writing affirmations or drawing visuals, and stickers to add motivational quotes or symbols. These accessories will add depth and personalization.

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​Organize with purpose

Arrange your vision board with a clear and organized layout. Group related goals or themes together, prioritize your aspirations, and create a flow that guides your gaze naturally. A well-structured layout helps maintain focus and clarity on your journey towards achieving your dreams.

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Keep your vision fresh

Regularly update your vision board to reflect your evolving aspirations and accomplishments. Replace outdated goals with new dreams, celebrate milestones by adding visual markers of progress, and adjust the content to align with your current priorities.

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​Visualize success daily, manifest your dreams

Incorporate daily rituals where you engage with your vision board. Spend a few moments each day visualizing your goals, affirming your intentions, and picturing yourself achieving success. Use your vision board as a powerful tool for manifestation.

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Celebrate each step

Recognize and celebrate your achievements as you progress towards your goals. Use your vision board as a visual timeline of success, marking completed milestones and accomplishments. Add special tokens or sticky-notes of gratitude to celebrate each step forward.

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