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Best Jeans for Women to Slay Her Outfits Everyday

By TSG Desk | Updated May 31, 2024, 12:06 AM IST
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​Best Jeans for Women to Slay Her Outfits Everyday

Best Jeans for Women to Slay Her Outfits Everyday

Jeans are the best option that one goes to when they want to wear something casual yet stylish. There are many denim designs for women to choose from. You can even select among various pairs of jeans based on season, level of comfort, and more. Here are our top recommendations for jeans for women.

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Cargo Jeans

Cargo Jeans

These are the perfect pair of jeans where functionality meets style! A must-have for those whose style of dressing is streetwear. Cargo jeans are a hybrid of traditional denim jeans and cargo pants. These are adorned with cargo pockets on both legs of the jeans.

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​Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are the retro-style baggy jeans that were popular amongst mothers in the '80s and '90s. These jeans have a relaxed and comfortable fit. These sit high on the waist and are loose around the thighs. Down from the thighs, Mom jeans go down into a tapered leg.

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Flared Jeans ​

Flared Jeans

The flared pants aka the popular bell bottom jeans have made a comeback! These jeans come with a lot of flares as the name suggests. With the bonus of looking amazing, these flare jeans also make the wearer look slimmer and taller! The silhouette of the flare jeans doesn't stop at the ankle but goes further down, just barely above the ground.

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​High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted Jeans

These high waist jeans for women are a wardrobe essential that no one should skip out on! These will go along all your crop tops and sweaters as these sit right around the belly button. High waisted jeans come in a lot of styles such as skinny, wide, relaxed, mom and more.

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​Straight Leg Jeans

Straight Leg Jeans

If you are someone who likes long straight silhouettes, then look no further than these straight leg jeans! Their long straight fit runs straight down to the bottom. These do not taper towards the bottom and have an even leg width throughout. These offer a comfortable, classic fit to the wearer.

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​Low-rise Jeans

Low-rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans sit low on the hips, creating a modern silhouette that deviates from traditional high-waisted counterparts. With this style, you should consider these based on your body type. For individuals with longer legs, these jeans can enhance natural proportions.

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​Wide Jeans

Wide Jeans

Wide jeans look great on everyone across all generations. The oversized, wide-leg structure hugs you in all the right places while still leaving room to breathe. It adds dimension to the overall silhouette and the high-rise wonder can arise to any occasion.

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​Distressed Jeans

Distressed Jeans

These distressed jeans are very popular amongst teenagers. Distressed or ripped jeans seem to be faded and worn out to give the denim a vintage appeal. These jeans are basically frayed, torn, have holes, or display any other evidence of damage.

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Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, which will hug your curves beautifully, have been a wardrobe staple for ages. They're perfect for showing off your figure and you can be dressed up and down. Whether you love a classic black pair or prefer a ripped and edgy style, there are skinny jeans out there for everyone!