5 Best Body Wash To Treat Back Acne & Scars

By Simran Sukhnani | Updated Apr 10, 2024, 6:07 PM IST

Body acne making your life miserable? We can understand the pain when you are not able to flaunt your backless dress. But there are some body washes that can help you get rid of all sorts of acne on the body. Here are 6 best body washes to treat acne on the body effectively.

5 Best Body Wash To Treat Back Acne  Scars
Body acne is a painful and terrible skin issue that many of us go through. Facing the little bumps all over our body, especially on the back, the chest and around the neck is not a great sight to wake up to, let's be honest! As if the uninvited acne on the face just wasn't enough that there are acne breakouts on the body as well for us to deal with. But before dwelling on the hatred for body acne, let's understand what it is and how it actually happens.

Acne or pimples or breakouts - whatever you'd like to call them, have a tendency to appear on the weirdest parts of our body. However, back and chest are some of the most common places for acne to emerge. Body acne, also popular with the name, Backne, technically refers to the development of acne lesions on certain areas of the body. The common places for backne to occur include the back, chest, shoulders and buttocks. But why do these breakouts enter our lives and create havoc? Here are some of the major causes for that:

1. Sebum overdrive: Your skin's oil production shooting up. Too much oil = clogged pores, which means a party for acne breakouts
2. Dead skin cell buildup: Dead skin cells love being where excess oil is. They team up together and create a block for your hair follicles, paving way for severe acne
3. Bacteria building: Our body produces natural oils and fights bacteria. Sometimes, when the latter wins the war, it leads to blocked pores and multiplication of acne. All of this causes irritation, redness and sensitivity, just btw!
4. Keeping hormones in check is important: Hormones can always be a bit dramatic. During puberty or monthly cycle, these hormone fluctuations can send your oil glands into overactivity mode, contributing to acne breakouts
5. Friction and sweat combo: Your skin hates friction and resists sweat. Tight clothes against sweating can lead to constant rubbing of the skin and make matters worse. Bacteria develop, thrive and lead to acne

Now that you know all about what body acne is and how it happens, you need to know the solutions too! The best way to deal with body acne is in the shower, so, a body wash or a shower gel is your best bet. Choose the right body wash to treat back acne the right way. Here are some of our top-recommended picks for best body wash to treat back acne and scars:

5 Best Body Wash To Treat Back Acne & Scars
S.noBest Body Wash To Treat Back Acne & ScarsScent
1Be Bodywise 1% Salicylic Acid Body WashStrawberry
2Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid + LHA Body WashUnscented
3Chemist at Play 1% Salicylic Acid Body WashFresh
4The Derma Co 1% Salicylic Acid Daily Exfoliating Body WashAloe Vera
5FIXDERMA 2% Salicylic Acid Salyzap Body WashUnscented

1. Best Overall: Be Bodywise 1% Salicylic Acid Body Wash
Image product 1 46
Item Form: Gel | Skin Type: All | Scent: Strawberry | Material Feature: Biodegradable, Antibacterial, Cruelty Free, Vegan | Material Type: Free Paraben Free, SLS Free | Net Quantity: 250 ml

Formulated with 1% Salicylic Acid (a potent BHA with exfoliating properties), this body wash for acne dissolves dead skin cells, deep cleanses pores and reduces strawberry skin, giving you a flawless touch after every wash. It creates a rich lather to make your shower experience truly luxurious and immensely fresh with a mind-blowing aqua fragrance that keeps lingering all day long providing you the bout of rejuvenation whenever required.

What other customers are saying about it?
Love the packaging and the formula. The pump is easy to use and the product in itself is super hygienic and travel friendly. The beads really add a special touch to the otherwise everyday mundane shower experience. It actually does what it says - helps reduce back acne and scars efficiently. Even the smell of the product stays on for 8-10 hours which is super amazing!

What makes it a top pick?
  • Enriched with 1% Salicylic Acid beads for complete exfoliation
  • Effectively reduces the appearance of acne
  • Gives a spa like experience with fresh aqua fragrance

  • Treats acne breakouts
  • Locks in moisture
  • Reduces skin dryness

  • Might dry out skin

2. Best in fragrance free: Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid + LHA Body Wash
Image product 1 47
Item Form: Gel | Skin Type: All, Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal | Scent: Unscented | Material Feature: Fragrance Free | Material Type Free: Fragrance Free, Dye Free, Microbead Free, SLS Free | Net Quantity: 200 ml

Keep yourself bacteria free everyday with this back acne body wash by Minimalist. The brand keeps up to their name and is known for concocting formulations that are deep rooted in Science and give 100% results. So, if you are someone who wants the results to be lightning fast, then this body wash for back acne deserves to be your pick. It comes with a whopping 2% Salicylic Acid formula that effectively fights acne-causing bacteria and soothe skin.
What other customers are saying about it?
A body wash by Minimalist is sure to be of utmost performance. This body wash for body acne works tremendously well. It actually leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized. It does help in controlling and healing body acne and the best part is that is it works well even in hard water.

What makes it a top pick?
  • High performance skincare formulation to treat acne
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Promotes an even skin texture

  • Fights acne
  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Nourishes skin

  • Some may not like the smell

3. Best in budget: Chemist at Play 1% Salicylic Acid Body Wash
Image product 1 48
Item Form: Gel | Skin Type: All, Sensitive, Dry, Normal | Scent: Fresh | Material Feature: Cruelty Free | Material Type Free: Oil Free, SLS Free, Gluten Free | Net Quantity: 236ml | Special Feature: Scented

Chemist At Play - the brand well-known as India's first ever Ceramides based skincare brand, makes products that include Ceramides at the base level to ensure that every skin always stays moisturized. Ceramides are known to nourish the skin from within. This body wash for body acne by Chemist At Play is a rather popular one all thanks to its playful look and exciting formulation. It's the body wash that's 'got you back.'
What other customers are saying about it?
The texture of this back acne body wash is super exciting. It also has a fruity scent that makes the bathing experience a jolly one. The added ceramides in the body wash help in combating skin dryness that's caused by the use of acne-fighting ingredients. This body wash treats back acne effectively and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed, aka, no scars in sight!

What makes it a top pick?
  • Gently exfoliates and cleanses
  • Maintains protective skin barrier
  • Controls sebum production and reduces bumpy skin texture

  • Hydrates skin
  • Unclogs pores
  • Fights bacteria

  • Some may not like the scent

4. Best for daily use: The Derma Co 1% Salicylic Acid Daily Exfoliating Body Wash
Image product 1 49
Item Form: Gel | Skin Type: All | Scent: Aloe Vera | Material Feature Prevents Body Acne & Cleanses Skin | Material Type Free: Sulfate Free | Net Quantity: 250 ml | Special Feature: Hydrating

Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Pentavitin, all in one? Then you know it's going to be an outstanding formulation! This body wash for back acne by The Derma Co. is here to rule the world with its outstanding concoction. It combines the best of ingredients to make sure that your back is always looking flawless, without a bump in sight. It is perfect for daily use as the two acids combat acne bacteria and Pentavitin helps soothe skin with its ultra hydrating formula that lasts upto 24 hours!
What more can one ask for?

What other customers are saying about it?
The exfoliation power of this body wash is sub par. The lather it creates is very fluffy and provides the perfect consistency for a refreshing shower. The Pentavitin in the formula helps in treating dryness caused by Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid, which makes this formulation complete all by itself.

What makes it a top pick?
  • Formulated with the efficiency of 3 different actives
  • Deep cleanses skin while moisturizing it
  • Gets rid of rough patches and bumpiness

  • Nourishes skin
  • Fights acne-causing bacteria
  • Evens out skin texture

  • May not suit sensitive skin type

5. Best for sensitive skin: FIXDERMA 2% Salicylic Acid Salyzap Body Wash
Image product 1 50
Item Form: Cream | Skin Type: Sensitive | Material Feature: Dermatologist Tested | Material Type Free: Paraben Free | Net Quantity: 200 ml | Special Feature: Not Tested On Animals

Fixderma is known for its clinically produced and dermatologically tested products that are vested in Science. This body wash is known all over the Internet for its magical effects. It suits all skin types, yes, even the sensitive ones and helps in treating all types of body acne. This body wash is a non-foaming one and helps in cleansing skin effectively. It is formulated with acne-soothing ingredients that work gentle on your skin and harsh on acne.

What other customers are saying about it?
This back acne body wash is a blessing for those with sensitive, acne-prone skin. It helps in treating existing acne while preventing new ones from popping up. The soothing touch makes it worth every penny! The smell is also decent and its a complete value for money product as a little goes a long way.

What makes it a top pick?
  • Helps in treating Keratosis Pilaris
  • Regulates sebum production and keeps bacteria formation in check
  • Made with acne soothing ingredients that unclog pores

  • Treats stubborn acne too
  • Clinically formulated and dermatologically tested
  • Helps treats acne scarring

  • Some may not like the non-foaming effect


What kind body wash is best for acne?
Choose a body wash with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide to effectively treat acne. Look for non-comedogenic, fragrance-free formulas that won't clog pores or irritate the skin. Opt for moisturizing ingredients to balance drying effects. Always check for dermatologist recommendations and perform a patch test to avoid potential reactions.

How to use body wash?
In the shower, wet your body, apply a small amount of body wash to a loofah or washcloth, and lather. Gently massage the lather onto your skin, focusing on areas prone to acne. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use regularly, but avoid excessive scrubbing to prevent skin irritation.

Is shower gel body wash?
Yes, shower gel is a type of body wash. Both terms are often used interchangeably. Body Washes are liquid cleansers designed for use in the shower. They come in various formulations and fragrances, offering a cleansing and refreshing experience for the entire body while treating skin issues and removing dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin.

Can we use body wash on face?
No, it's generally not recommended to use body wash on the face. Body washes may contain harsher ingredients that can be too abrasive or drying for facial skin, potentially causing irritation. It's better to use a facial cleanser specifically formulated for the delicate skin on the face.