6 Best Soaps For Dry Skin Female

By Simran Sukhnani | Updated Apr 22, 2024, 11:17 AM IST

Dry skin is a difficult one to deal with. The flakes falling off and the constant irritation becomes too much on some days. And when using a soap bar, it becomes even more troublesome. Thus, it is important to pick the right soap for dry skin. Choose from these best soaps for dry skin in India and watch your skin glow with a blast of moisturization!

6 Best Soaps For Dry Skin Female
Dryness is a bane that makes everything difficult. When moisture takes it way out from your skin, it leaves behind the flakiness. This is a pain to deal with. It makes your skin feel stretchy, rough and just 'not okay.' Thus, to keep your skin moisturized at all times, it is important to have the perfect shower routine, after all, that's where we take care of our body the most. All the serums are dedicated to a AM and PM face care routine, as we reject the dire needs of our body. But thankfully, no more! Here are 6 best soaps for dry skin to take the right care of your body and make it feel moisturized always!

6 Best Soaps For Dry Skin Female In India
S.noBest Soaps For Dry SkinSkin Type
1Pears Pure & Gentle Soap BarSensitive Skin
2Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Soap BarDry Skin
3Savlon Moisturizing Glycerin Soap Bar With Germ ProtectionAll Skin Types
4Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Natural Bathing Soap for BodyOily Skin
5Cetaphil VVF India Cleansing And Moisturizing Syndet BarSensitive Skin
6Sebamed Cleansing Bar For Sensitive And Problematic SkinSensitive Skin

1. Best for sensitive skin: Pears Pure & Gentle Soap Bar
Product Image 42
Skin Type: Sensitive | Scent: Pear | Material Feature: Dermatologist Tested | Material Type Free: Paraben Free | Number of Items: Pack of 8 | Net Quantity: 1000 g | Special Feature: pH Balance

Pears - the brand we all grew up hearing about - the ads that bring nostalgia and what not, that's the brand that works the best for your dry skin as well. Pears is well-known for its super nourishing glycerin soaps that features an exciting orange color and comes with a promise of nourishment. This vow keeps your skin brimming with the touch of care all throughout the day. It gently sloughs away all dead skin cells and impurities while being mild on skin and preventing moisture loss.

What other customers have to say about it?
Pears is a household name since ages. Love the way this soap just glides on your skin and offers a wonderful fragrance. It is so good that it can be used for all weathers and all skin types. But individually for dry skin type. it has been a blessing!

Why it belongs to your skincare routine?
  • Made with 100% more glycerin than Grade 1 soap
  • Keeps your skin it soft, smooth, and glowing
  • Comes with 100% promise of purity

  • Made with Glycerin
  • Gently nourishes skin

  • Some may find the packaging to be poor

2. Best in floral: Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Soap Bar
Product Image 43
Skin Type: Dry | Scent: Floral | Material Feature: Dermatologist Tested | Material Type Free: Paraben Free | Number of Items: Pack of 8 | Net Quantity: 1000 g | Special Feature: Scented

Dove - the creamy, super soft and super gentle soap bar lathered and dipped in milk, is here to give the most nourishing touch to your dry skin. It's time to switch to the soft part of life with Dove soap bar by your side. It is formulated with 1/4 moisturizing cream that provides a gentle bathing experience every single day. It successfully removes dirt and gunk without any damage caused to your dry skin. It retains moisture layers deep within the skin so you can show off your soft and smooth side to the world.

What other customers have to say about it?
Dove has been a life saver for those with dry skin types for ages! It offers tip-notch softness, smell and perfect value for money as well. The pH balanced option really saves the day for dry, sensitive skin type that is otherwise finding a way to clean off impurities without causing further skin damage.

Why it belongs to your skincare routine?
  • Offers a luxurious and premium bathing experience
  • pH balanced formula that is gentle on skin
  • #1 recommended by dermatologists for dry, sensitive skin

  • Washes away dirt while giving 100% care
  • Made with moisturizing cream
  • pH balanced

  • Fragrance is not long-lasting

3. Best in natural: Savlon Moisturizing Glycerin Soap Bar With Germ Protection
Product Image 44
Skin Type: All | Scent: Aloe Vera | Material Feature: Natural | Number of Items: Pack of 6 | Net Quantity: 625 g | Special Feature: Moisturizing | Special Ingredients: Glycerin

Savlon - the master of germ protection is here in this list to render your skin the moisturizing touch of care. This soap by Savlon combines two major benefits - protects your skin from germs and saves you from dryness. It is formulated with the loving touch of Glycerin that helps in unleashing a pamper-play, aka, brimming your skin with all the nourishing love. The germ protection formula is also power-packed to offer protection from 100 different diseases. So you stay protected and nourished always, all thanks to Savlon!

What other customers have to say about it?
The smell and durability of this soap for dry skin is sub par. It cleans the skin effectively without leaving any dirt traces behind. It also takes good care of the moisture and leaves off a pleasant and mild fragrance that keeps lingering on your body for long.

Why it belongs to your skincare routine?
  • Formulated with the nourishing touch of Glycerin
  • Provides soft, supple, plump skin
  • Protects from 100 skin causing germs

  • Deeply moisturizes
  • Completely protects

  • Some may feel like the moisture doesn't stay long

4. Best in refreshing: Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Natural Bathing Soap for Body
Product Image 45
Item Form: Bar | Skin Type: All | Scent: Lemon | Material Feature: Natural | Material Type Free: Paraben Free | Number of Items: Pack of 6 | Net Quantity: 750 g | Special Feature: Paraben Free

Want a zesty touch to your oh-so-dull mornings? Liril is here with just the right thing for you! This soap bar by Liril is concocted with the fragrances of Lemon and Tea tree, adding a refreshing and rejuvenating touch to your morning showers. The blast of Lemon freshness awakens your senses and gets rid of all impurities. This soap is free from parabens and sulphates to ensure a non-stripping and gentle cleansing routine for your dry skin. It is formulated with 100% plant based cleansers that offers the perfect blend of love, care and freshness.

What other customers have to say about it?
In love with the lemony, zesty fragrance of this soap bar. It works well for all skin types and leaves a lingering touch of softness behind. It's a great buy for those looking to take their shower experience a notch up.

Why it belongs to your skincare routine?
  • Made with 100% Lemon extracts and Tea tree oil
  • Formulated with 100% plant-based cleansers
  • Offers an invigorating shower experience

  • Keeps you feeling fresh all day
  • Refreshes and rejuvenates
  • Nourishes skin

  • Some may not find it moisturizing enough

5. Best in dermatologically tested: Cetaphil VVF India Cleansing And Moisturizing Syndet Bar
Product Image 46
Skin Type: Sensitive, Dry | Scent: Shea Butter | Material Feature: Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested | Material Type: Free Soap Free, Paraben Free | Number of Items: 1 |Net Quantity 75 g

A soap bar that's soap free? That's what this product by Cetaphil is all about. It is carefully designed to cleanse and moisturize even the most sensitive out there. So no matter how deep you are in the dryness bubble, Cetaphil is here to grab you right out with its utmost nourishing soap bar for dry skin. This bar is called a Syndet Bar as it is made with a moisturizing blend of ingredients that help maintain the pH balance of 5.5 in the skin. This formula is completely soap-free, and hypoallergenic.

What other customers have to say about it?
This is a soap that's completely safe for use for all skin types and all age groups. That's the best thing about Cetaphil - that the formulations are super high quality. This soap bar is renowned as one of the best ones out there, even globally, and the results actually do complete justice. It works perfectly well for dry and sensitive skin, cleanses effectively and provides long-lasting hydration too.

Why it belongs to your skincare routine?
  • Soap-free formula that moisturizes the most sensitive skin too
  • Moisturizes as it cleanses and maintains the skin pH level
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic to suit all skin types

  • Designed specifically for dry, sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soap-free formula

  • Some people may not like its effect on skin

6. Best in unscented: Sebamed Cleansing Bar For Sensitive And Problematic Skin
Product Image 47
Skin Type: Sensitive | Scent: Unscented | Material Feature: Natural | Material Type Free: Soap free, Preservative Free | Number of Items: 1 | Net Quantity: 100 g | Special Feature: Moisturizing

The power of Science and Nature in one? That's what Sebamed brings for you with this moisturizing soap bar. It is completely unscented and free of soap and preservatives to make sure that your sensitive skin is stays in the best of its health always. Along with this, the antibacterial properties of this soap also helps in reducing pimples and blackheads that erupt in form of light acne. It effectively provides mild pore cleansing with every wash, ensuring that they remain unclogged and no chance of body acne comes to light.

What other customers have to say about it?
It works brilliantly well and truly stands by what it says. This soap for dry skin by Cetaphil works good for all skin types and never makes the skin flaky or dry. The soap is gentle on sensitive skin and prevents acne bumps on body. It also works superbly good for sensitive skin types as well.

Why it belongs to your skincare routine?
  • Made with natural moisturizing factors like Lecithin, Vitamins and Amino acids that help rebalance stressed skin
  • Combats the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria with the pH value of 5.5
  • Imparts skin-related Squalane that supports the maintenance of natural moisture balance

  • Reduces acne & blackheads
  • Naturally moisturizes
  • Combats skin impurities

  • Doesn't lather much

How face wash for dry skin?
Washing your face with the right face wash becomes a super difficult task if you have dry skin because face wash = making your skin even drier. Always opt for a hydrating face wash that doesn't strip away at your skin and restrict using too hot or too cold water for washing the face. Always wash your face with a gentle hand and refrain from scrubbing too hard.

Can soap cause dry skin?
Soaps can contribute to dryness but everything depends on your pick. When you are opting for soaps for dry skin you have to keep your skin's health in mind. Harsh soaps can further strip away natural oils and cause more dryness. Always go for mild and gentle soaps that are kind to your skin and keep up the level of natural oils.

Is soap for dry skin good?
Yes, soaps are good for any and every skin type. The thing to take care of here is to opt for soaps that suit dry skin type and don't harm your skin. If you are someone suffering with dry skin, you can go for mild, fragrance free soaps formulated without harsh chemicals.