5 Best Underarm Roll-Ons For Complete Hygiene

By Simran Sukhnani | Updated Jul 9, 2024, 12:36 PM IST

Underarm roll-ons are amazing for keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day. They keep you smelling fresh and clean and ever-so-ready for every occasion. Here are the best underarm roll-ons to choose from that will keep the sweat and odour at bay! Get ready to smell fresh and feel clean always!

5 Best Underarm Roll-Ons For Complete Hygiene
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Maintaining daily hygiene is step 1 to having a great day every day. A must-have for your daily hygiene is an underarm roll-on. There are many antiperspirants and deodorants that are available in a spray format, like a mist or an Eau De Toilette; however, they stay on the skin for a very short time period and need to be reapplied quite frequently. On the other hand, underarm roll-on is something that, once applied, stays on your skin for at least 12 hours of time.

Another interesting quality of the best underarm roll-on is that it helps in controlling body odour by fighting odour-causing bacteria. They will have you feeling refreshed with just a single swipe and stay on, providing you the essence of freshness throughout the day, keeping you ever-so-ready for an impromptu date night or that evening deadline meeting.

The best underarm roll-on for men or underarm roll-on for women also keeps a check on sweat production. This becomes especially important during monsoon season when the humidity is high and the sweat patches are all set to bring embarrassment during the best of occasions. Thus, an underarm roll on comes in handy here too. These rollers that fit in the tiniest space of your wardrobe or bag are specifically formulated with sweat restricting formula that keeps the patches at bay and makes you feel clean and fresh always!

If you are ready to find the best underarm roll on for yourself, here are the best ones to choose from!

1. Best in fragrance: Crystal Essence Deodorant Roll On Mineral 2.25 Oz
Item Form: Roll on | Scent: Lavender | Material Type Free: Hypoallergenic | Material Feature: Gluten Free, Natural | Net Quantity: 66.0 ml

Looking for the best underarm roll-on that works against odor-causing bacteria? Then this is the perfect one for you. This roll-on by Crystal Essence leaves an invisible protective barrier that shields your skin from all sorts of nasties while keeping sweat odour under control. This unisex underarm roll-on is made with natural mineral salts and is infused with super relaxing and aromatic fragrances of Lavender and White Tea. These ingredients are thoughtfully picked for the formulation and impart immense skin healing properties. Lavender is known to be anti-inflammatory in nature, while White Tea works as a natural relaxant. This underarm roll on combines the two to create an essence that pleases whoever you meet and is enchanting for those impromptu meetings.

What are other customers saying about this underarm roll-on?
Customers love the smell of this underarm roll-on and say that it effectively controls sweat. They also admire its aluminium-free formulation. Overall, people have said that the product has a good quality packaging and offers a long-lasting effect.

What makes this unisex underarm roll-on the best pick?
  • Made with Lavender and White Tea with skin healing properties
  • Super long-lasting fragrance with no staining or sticking
  • Leaves no white residue and controls sweat, too

  • Paraben free
  • Safe for the environment
  • Aluminium Chloride free

  • Some people have complained about the liquid ball roller’s quality

2. Best in Freshness: Dove Female 0% Aluminum Deodorant ¼ Moisturizers Cucumber & Green Tea Aluminum Free Roll On
Item Form: Roll-on | Scent: Fresh | Material Type Free: Aluminum Free | Material Feature Alcohol Free | Number of Items: 3 | Item Volume: 77 Microlitres

Next on the list is Dove, the brand well-known for its gentle skincare products. This underarm roll-on deodorant is made with 0% Aluminium and provides complete odour protection. It is also thoughtfully formulation to moisturise and nourish your skin with the hydrating power of Cucumber and keeping body odour in check with the purifying power of Green Tea. This roll-on deodorant by Dove offers 24+ hours of odour protection, too, so you are always ready with your best foot forward! The skin-nourishing properties of the roll-on deodorant make your underarms smooth, soft and supple. This formula also leaves out any alcohol, so it won’t strip your skin of its natural state. With a fresh, crisp and refreshing Cucumber and Green Tea fragrance, this roll-on helps your underarms recover flawlessly from shaving irritation!

What do other customers have to say about this roll-on?
This is a superb roll-on deodorant. The scent is super fresh and feels invigorating right when you are applying it. It prepares you for the day in the best way possible and indulges your senses too. Keeps you fresh through thick and thin so it’s super reliable whenever you have a long day ahead!

What makes it the best pick?
  • Consists of ¼ moisturisers and 0% alcohol to keep your skin nourished
  • Makes you feel fresh for 24 hours non-stop, so you can keep the smelly days behind
  • Works as a perfect antiperspirant that controls sweat, too

  • Long-lasting
  • Aluminium free
  • Controls sweat

  • Some people have complained about a stinging sensation at the time of application of the underarm roll-on

3. Best in Luxury: L'Occitane Unisex Eau Des Baux Stick Unscented Deodorant, Pack Of 1
Item Form: Stick | Scent: Cypress | Number of Items: 1 | Net Quantity: 75 gram | Item Volume: 2.6 Fluid Ounces

The infamous luxury brand L’Occitane has also made it to our list of best roll-on deodorants for underarm. This one, however, features a baux stick format and is completely unscented. So, for those who dislike or are allergic to fragrances, even the mild ones, this underarm roll-on is the perfect one for you. It features an alcohol-free stick deodorant that glides super smooth on your skin and also dries off quickly, leaving no white, sticky residue or creamy texture. It also doesn’t stain your clothes as the product absorbs into your skin rather quickly. This formula helps control body odour and restricts sweat.

What do other people have to say about it?
People are in love with everything about this product. Since its a luxury beauty brand, people have mentioned that the product packaging and quality feel premium. They like the smell and the skin friendliness of the underarm deodorant. They have also mentioned that it is formulated with high-quality materials and doesn’t cause a rash or skin irritation.

Why you should pick this?
  • Helps prevent body odour by fighting smell-causing bacteria at the root
  • Features a very mild, unscented formula that is perfect for those with a sensitive nose
  • Quick absorbing and fast-acting formula that doesn’t leave a residue or stain

  • Limits body odour
  • Restricts sweat
  • Does not irritate or damage skin

  • Some people have complained about the quantity being less as compared to the price being paid for this underarm roll-on

4. Best in Quantity: Ban Roll - On Anti - Perspirant & Deodorant, Powder Fresh - 3.5 Oz
Item Form: Roll on | Scent: Powder Fresh | Number of Items: 1 | Net Quantity: 3.5 Oz | Item Volume: 100 ml

If you want to feel fresh and fragrant all day long, you need a Ban roll-on in your bag! This powerful antiperspirant works like magic! It has a light, powder-fresh fragrance that is infused with soothing and subtle floral notes. It glides on your skin seamlessly while staying clear and invisible throughout the day. This roll-on by Ban is powered with odour-fighting ingredients and a special Kihada extract that helps it target bacteria and eliminate all odour throughout the day. This roll-on is unisex, sits light as a feather on the skin and works great for all skin types. You can also forget about all the stain worries as this roll-on never leaves a mark, neither on your skin nor on your clothes. It offers 24-hour protection so you can strut down the street with all the confidence in the world, not caring about any sweat patches or clumsy odour.

What do other customers have to say about it?
If you are looking for the perfect underarm roll-on that doesnt leave a white film on your skin then this is it! This roll on is thoroughly loved by customers both men and women. As soon as you apply the roll-on, you can smell a fresh, smooth, floral scent that lasts all day long and keeps you ever-ready for those last moment plans. This is a must-have in everyone’s vanity!

What makes it a top pick?
  • Features a powdery and fresh fragrance infused with floral notes of rose that make body odour a thing of the past
  • This roll-on deodorant features a cruelty-free, dry-free, phthalate-free and paraben-free formula, so you can feel good about keeping the nasties away
  • Controls sweat and keeps your armpits free from patches and any dripping

  • Free from all sorts of nasties
  • Controls sweat
  • Kills body odour-causing bacteria

  • Some people have complained that it doesn’t stay on for 24 hours, you might have to re-apply it at least once

5. Best Overall: Uriage Power 3 Deodorant Roll-On, Pack Of 1 (50ml)
Item Form: Cream | Scent: Fresh | Material Type Free: Alcohol Free | Number of Items: 1 | Net Quantity: 50 ml | Item Volume: 1.7 Fluid Ounces

Looking for a high-tech skincare formula that keeps the sweat away for a long time? This is the one for you. Uriage comes with a French high-quality formulation that preserves your skin’s health. This Power 3 roll-on deodorant offers a real freshness sensation every time you apply it to your skin. It packs all the wonders in a roll-on bottle. Offering 24-hour antiperspirant action, it keeps body odour in control, fights sweat and odour-causing bacteria and prevents your clothes from stiffening too. Oh, and one magical feature is also that this product is enriched with Uriage Thermal Water which makes it better than the rest. It prevents yellow and white staining effects under the clothes while making you smell clean for up to 24 hours.

What do other customers have to say about it?
People love the fresh smell, complete value and the superb effect of the roll-on deodorant. They like that it smells very clean and that the fragrance stays on throughout the day. They also like the fact that this roll-on deodorant helps decrease the amount of sweat produced and restricts smell, too. They also find that the product is super easy to use and that the roll-on leaves no staining on clothes or the skin.

What makes it a top pick?
  • Offers a fresh and delicate fragrance that is unisex and lasts for 24 hours
  • Dries off quickly and, once applied, doesn’t cause any discomfort, itching or stinging
  • Tested under dermatological control and recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists

  • Leaves no white or yellow traces
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Prevents skin odour

  • Some people have complained that the drying time is a little more than expected


Q1. How to use underarm roll-on?
When using an underarm roll-on, firstly you need to shake the bottle well. Uncap the bottle and apply the roller end on your skin. Make sure to apply a thin layer with gentle hands to clean and dry underarms. You need to move the applicator back and forth. Wait for the product to dry out completely before dressing to avoid any stains that might occur. Avoid rubbing the product into your skin.

Q2. Are underarm roll-ons safe?
Yes, underarm roll-ons are usually safe and gentle to use for most people. They are specifically formulated keeping the sensitive underarm skin in mind. Underarm roll-ons also help restrict body odour and reduce the overproduction of sweat. However, when picking an underarm roll-on for yourself, do check the ingredient list to find any potential allergens that may not suit your skin. Always follow usage instructions on the pack (you can also check the first question) and discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs.

Q3. Does roll-on darken underarms?
Roll-on underarms are specifically formulated with certain ingredients that help control sweat and body odour. This has got nothing to with darkening the skin. So, no, roll-on deodorants do not darken the skin. However, some ingredients in the product like alcohol or aluminium might cause skin irritation so do check the label for those.

Q4. Is roll-on good for underarms?
Yes, absolutely! Roll-on deodorants are great for underarms. They help control sweat and body odour and keep you fresh throughout the day. Many underarm roll-ons are also formulated with certain moisturising and skin-soothing ingredients that make your skin smooth and soft too. Thus, an underarm roll-on deodorant is a must-have in your vanity, especially during the summer season!