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7 Best children’s books: Where Learning Meets Fun

By TSG Desk | Updated May 31, 2024, 5:18 PM IST

Encouraging children to read from a young age is one of the best investments in their future. Not only does reading enhance their cognitive and language skills, but it also nurtures their emotional and social development, imagination, and academic success. This article emphasises the importance of reading for kids and presents some top recommendations for children’s books for ages 6 to 9.

7 Best childrens books Where Learning Meets Fun
7 Best children’s books: Where Learning Meets Fun
Add some best-selling children's books to help your child develop good reading habits while letting them enjoy every chapter. In this world where there’s no time to nurture your child's reading habits, you must remember that reading affects children's brain development. Children can exercise their brains by engaging with the written words, improving memory, concentration, and sharper critical thinking skills. We have listed out some more benefits of reading for children:

  • Stress reduction: Reading can help children reduce anger, fear and stress by distracting them and taking their minds off issues
  • Improves memory: With different plots and twists, books can engage your child with the characters, which eventually improves memory power
  • Strengthens vocabulary: Reading a well-written book will expose your child to more words which will help them to be a better communicator
  • Enhance knowledge: Reading books always provides information to your kid that helps them with their studies
  • Increase imagination: Reading brings out imagination and creativity by immersing the reader in a new world and characters. This will nurture your children's development of ideas.

So, to help you find the right book for your child, we have listed some best-selling books that will develop your child's memory, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Best Children's book to buy:
7 Best Books for ChildrenTheme
365 Maths Activity BookMathematics
Encyclopaedia: Amazing Questions & AnswersGeneral Knowledge
GIKSO 100 Maths Puzzles BookLogical Reasoning
101 Word Search Activity BookVocabulary
Brilliant Brain Activity BookActivity Book
Connect The Dots BookActivity Book
If I can dream it, I can do itMoral Book

1. Best in solving: 365 Maths Activity Book
365 Maths Activity Book
Pages: 96 | Ideal for 6-8 years | Publisher: Dreamland Publications

If you want your child to have fun with education, this is your choice. This book will help your child with basic maths problems like addition, and subtraction, supported by colourful images and engaging activities. Eventually, It will gain your kid’s confidence in solving simple questions and create interest in solving difficult maths problems.

What other customers are saying about it?
People say parents will not have to convince their kids to study too long. This book is a must-purchase for parents who want their kids to master basic mathematical problems. It is recommended for children from ages 6 to 10. It has also helped the children’s confidence by making learning easy.

Why does this book deserve to be on your list?
  • Help children with basic maths problems
  • Engaging your child and letting them have fun with education
  • Contains more than 90 different activities

  • Covers all the topics of maths
  • Colourful pictures and good font size
  • Engaging activities

  • Some customers have issues that it has mixed questions which can lead to difficulty for some children to understand

2. Best for knowledge: Encyclopedia: Amazing Questions & Answers
Encyclopaedia Amazing Questions  Answers
Pages: 64 | Ideal for 6-9 years | Publisher: Om Books International

If your child keeps asking you questions and is curious to know everything about science, this is the perfect fit for them. The book contains all the general questions with sensible answers. This fun book will nurture your kid with creative thinking and answer questions in the simplest ways.

What other customers are saying about it?
People said, it is the perfect book to satisfy their curiosity about their kid. This book has amazing illustrations and images to help children with their imaginations. It keeps things interesting for children while offering in-depth knowledge.

Why does this book deserve to be on your list?
  • Highly rated and reviewed by customer
  • Colourful and vibrant illustrations
  • Easy to read language

  • Good colour and print quality
  • Filled with new words and phrases
  • Covers all the exciting topics

  • Some customers have reported that the book lacks maths problem

3. Best overall: GIKSO 100 Maths Puzzles Book
GIKSO 100 Maths Puzzles Book
Pages: 128 | Ideal for 7-9 years | Publisher: GIKSO Learning

If you want your child to take on new challenges every day and experience new lessons from them, this is the ultimate book for them. The book contains 100 types of puzzles, sudoku and games that will improve mathematical problems for them. This book is perfect for parents who want their kids to escape mobile phones or TV.

What other customers are saying about it?
This is a must-needed book for kids! It has helped buyers' kids develop the power of imagination and thinking skills. Its structured activities keep them engaged for hours. The book has hundreds of puzzles and interesting problems worth the price.

Why does this book deserve to be on your list?
  • The book caters to any kid between 6 to 18 years
  • The book empowers self-thinking skills
  • Enhances mathematical skills

  • Perfect font size
  • Affordable price
  • Easy-to-understand language

  • Some customers have reported that the book might lack sums for a 6-year kid

4. Best for time pass: 101 Word Search Activity Book
101 Word Search Activity Book
Pages: 112 | Ideal for 5-9 years | Publisher: Wonder House Books

This is the perfect book for your kid to learn basic words related to themes such as animals, birds, colour, etc. It contains attractive illustrations, making it perfect for learning in a fun and engaging manner. It’s a great way to teach kids about vocabulary and comprehension.

What other customers are saying about it?
The book is perfect for growing kids' productivity. Parents said children are engaged with the book for hours. The book has word search puzzles in large grids that have helped kids sharpen their brains and improve their word use each day.
Why does this book deserve to be on your list?
  • The book improves motor skills for kids
  • Children can learn and get better with words
  • Contains 101 exciting word search

  • Good quality prints
  • Easy to learn words
  • Help kids with vocabulary

  • Some customers have reported that the binding quality might not be solid

5. Most affordable: Brilliant Brain Activity Book
Brilliant Brain Activity Book
Pages: 80 | Ideal for: 5-8 | Publisher: Dreamland Publications

This book will act like a school at home for your kids, helping them develop motor skills. It is designed to promote relaxation, improve critical thinking, and develop memory. The book has a perfect blend of activities, puzzles, and much more.

What other customers are saying about it?
The book works as the best time pass for kids when they are bored and need a distraction from mobile phones. They have felt very motivated since they started reading this book. The content of this book is made in such a way that it increases relaxation for kids.

Why does this book deserve to be on your list?
  • The book has innovative activities that never let your kid get bored of the book
  • The book develops memory power
  • The book is ideal for any kid from age 6 to 10

  • Affordable price
  • Versatile for kids from 6 to 10
  • Moderate language

  • Some customers have reported that the book has mixed content for any age, making identifying appropriate question levels for your kid difficult.

6. Best for younger kids: Connect The Dots Book
Connect The Dots Book
Pages: 82 | Ideal for 4-8 years | Publisher: Drip Digital

This is one of the best books for improving your kid's hand-eye coordination. This book will help your child to use their imagination to open all kinds of new worlds. Your child will enjoy this activity of connecting dots and making a figure.
What other customers are saying about it?
If your kid is not very interested in drawing but you want them to learn that skill, get this book for them. This is a 10 product as it has improved drawing and gained interest in drawing for many kids. Recommending parents to another parent who wants a constructive, educational activity for their child.

Why does this book deserve to be on your list?
  • The book is suitable for ages 4 to 12
  • After connecting the dots, the book can be coloured, making it a two-in-one.
  • The book develops children’s critical thinking

  • Easy to learn
  • Good quality paper
  • Easy learning designs

  • Some customers have issues that the price is a bit high

7. Best for Moral: If I can dream it, I can do it
If I can dream it I can do it
Pages: 50 | Ideal for 6-10 years | Publisher: Sonalika Publications

If you want your kid to discover a world of inspiration and imagination, this book is best for them. The storybook contains real-life heroes from heartwarming tales with the perfect level of engagement. It also contains extensive and colourful images to improve imaginative skills.

What are other customers saying about it?
People appreciated the colourful, inspiring stories that made their kids fond of reading at a young age. This book entertains and offers valuable life lessons, teaching kids the importance of kindness and empathy. It is an addition to any children's bookshelf that will leave a lasting impact on young readers.

Why does this book deserve to be on your list?
  • Gives suitable life lessons to your kids
  • Engaging illustrations and images
  • Easy to understand language

  • Inspiring concepts
  • Engaging stories
  • Very informative

  • Some customers have issues that the stories could be more detailed


How can I choose the right book for my child?
Consider your child's age, interests, and reading level. For younger children, focus on books with vivid illustrations and simple, repetitive text. For older children, look for books with engaging stories and relatable characters.

What kind of books are best for children?
The best children’s books capture children's imagination and deliver meaningful education. Depending on your child's age and interests, you can choose from story tales or activity books. These books serve as companions in a child’s journey of learning.

What criteria are used to determine the best children's books?
Books are typically chosen based on their storytelling quality, illustrations, cultural impact, and the ability to engage and inspire young readers. Awards, longevity, and reader reviews also play significant roles.