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7 Best General English Books for Competitive Exams

By Simran Sukhnani | Updated Jan 19, 2024, 12:55 PM IST
7 Best General English Books for Competitive Exams

1. Best in print quality: Lucent's General English for All Competitive Exams
Language: English | Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.9 x 1.5 cm
Image product 60

Is grammar what you get stuck with? Then this book is the best for you because it offers extensive information and knowledge for English Grammar - something that you won't be able to find anywhere else. So if English Grammar is not your strong suit then you need this book in your study prep kit. Every single concept is explained in detail in this book and it covers all the concepts. Paper quality is also outstanding and the ease of understanding keeps your focus intact.

What other aspirants have to say about it?
It's easy to understand and simple too - thus, it is very helpful for someone who is a beginner or has little time in their hands. For those who are appearing for competitive exams, this book works extremely well and helps keeping you in track with the prep.

What makes it a top pick?
  • Covers all concepts of English Grammar extensively
  • Easy to understand and read
  • Good paper and print quality
  • Value for money
  • Well-explained
  • Not for professionals
Price (at publishing): Rs. 248/- (42% off) | 4.3 Stars, 572 Reviews

2. Best overall: English Grammar & Composition
Edition: Second | Publisher: Arihant Publications | Publication date: 1 December 2014 | Print length: 936 pages
Image product 62

This book is a complete package. It helps candidates and aspirants improve English proficiency while educating them about the proper use of grammar as well. The book is well-divided over 69 chapters and covers all aspects and elements of grammar, inclusive of spelling rules, spotting the errors, idioms & phrases, word power, formation of words phrasal verbs, synonyms, palindromes, homonyms, antonyms, pangrams, heteronyms, foreign words, group terms, paragraph writing, letter writing, comprehension, report writing, choosing appropriate words, letter writing etc.

What other aspirants have to say about it?
The book uses easy and detailed explanation that allows one to understand every concept effortlessly and also implement with accuracy. The set of solved questions gives the perfect idea about the question pattern and prepares one for the actual examination. Apart from this, the tricks and techniques mentioned in the book to solve various types of questions are also very helpful.

Competitive exams oriented curriculum
Based on intensive research and analysis
Whole new style of content presentation that is easily understandable

Easy to understand
Extensive information
Mentions tips and tricks
Too beginner friendly

Price (at publishing): Rs. 235/- (35% off) | 4.2 Stars, 2,610 Reviews

Most extensive: Objective General English
Edition: Third | Publisher: Arihant Publications | Publication date: 20 July 2021 | Print length: 840 pages

Prepare and revise and get ahead of all the other competition with this objective general English book in your study kit. This book thoroughly features General English section that's asked in a number of examinations - both competitive and banking. The book is divided in 4 different parts to make it easy for the learner to understand all concepts thoroughly. It works brilliantly as a preparation booster for various competitive examinations like Bank, NDA, CDS, SSC, MBA, MCA,UPSC, B.Ed. Exams, etc.

What other aspirants have to say about it?
English is a super important subject when it comes to preparing for any sort of competitive examination and this book covers all aspects in an easy to understand format. It contains all sorts of information, imparts knowledge and provides lots of practice questions for every product.

What makes it a top pick?
  • Covers an extensive curriculum
  • Supremely precise and informative
  • Additional practice questions are very helpful
  • Very precise
  • Informative
  • Extensive information
  • Printing quality may not be upto the mark

Price (at publishing): Rs. 234/- (35% off) | 4.2 Stars, 2,610 Reviews

6. Best in bilingual: Examcart Latest Complete General English Book
Edition: Latest | Publisher: Agrawal Group Of Publications (Agrawal Examcart) | Publication date: 1 January 2020 | Print length: 564 pages
Image product 61

Preparing for competitive as well as government exams? Your English needs to be top-notch. This General English Book by Examcart has got your back for all exams like those in the Banking sector, SSC, Defense, Management (CAT, XAT GMAT), Railway, Police, Civil Services and much more that you would be eyeing. With this book in your study kit, your English study material is sorted! The biggest thing is that the book comes with a 100% guarantee that the materials listed in here would be enough for you to prepare English Grammar curriculum for all competitive examinations. What more is required?

What are other aspirants saying about it?
This book suffices a world in itself. It is the best one out there and truly the only to guarantee that you wouldn't need anything else. It is super lucid, easy to understand and super helpful for those who are trying to build their English Grammar knowledge from ground up, aka, beginners!

What makes it a top pick?
  • Covers 600+ applied grammar rules to help solve all previous and upcoming exam questions
  • Features 1500+ examples based on applied grammar rules
  • 4000+ questions based on all the competitive and bank examinations
  • Easy to understand
  • Bilingual - in both English and Hindi for easy understanding
  • Covers all important topics
  • Paper may seem too thin to some
Price (at publishing): Rs. 294/- (41% off) | 4.2 Stars, 1,851 Reviews

4. Best budget: Arihant General English for All Competitive Examinations
Edition: Second | Publisher: Arihant Publications | Publication date: 1 January 2016 | Print length: 400 pages
Image product 59

Great knowledge, vast question banks and an enormous coverage of all competitive exams, this book by Arihant, has it all. With 32 chapters, this book prepares you with the whole English curriculum for all exams. It consists of 600 Practice Exercises and 10,000 Words & Sentences to prep you completely so you will be ready to pass every exam. Every chapter in the book contains if a short synopsis, a detailed description of important rules and practice exercises.

What other aspirants have to say?
The topic based examples are a game-changer. They really help in taking your study-game a notch up. Also, this book is not for beginners but for professionals - this book is all you need! It helps prepare you for all competitive exams and the questions keep you on track with your progress.

What makes it a top pick?
  • Covers all types of objective questions
  • Features previous year's questions to understand the rationale behind the answers
  • Makes aspirants exam ready particularly in the English Grammar section
  • Value for money
  • Covers all topics for competitive exams
  • Consists of a lot of examples for advanced learning
  • Printing is average
Price (at publishing): Rs. 445/- (15%) | 4.2 Stars, 1,436 Ratings

3. Best in premium: Wren & Martin English for Competitive Examinations
Publisher: S. Chand Publishing | Publication date: 25 September 2020 | Language: English | Print length: 632 pages
Image product 58

Designed with the knowledge of original Wren& Martin text, combined with High School Grammar Composition, along with specialized content formulated by a panel of competitive examination experts inthe English language- this book is a complete masterpiece. It beautifully adapts a classical version for various admissions and recruitment competitive examination aspirants. It exhaustively runs over the curriculum for every competitive examination and none remains untouched.

What are other aspirants saying about it?
Wren and Martin comes with years of reputation and brand image when it comes to the world of English and the examples provided in this book are extremely useful. It is great for beginners and also has practice questions that keep you on-track with your progress.

What makes it a top pick?
  • One stop solution for all competitive exams
  • Additional question banks that serve as practice booster
  • Covers both descriptive and objective portions
  • Engaging and motivating
  • Unique and peerless
  • Expensive
Price (at publishing): Rs. 445/- (15%) | 4.2 Stars, 681 Ratings