6 Best Table Fans To Beat The Summer Heat Without Compromising on Space

By TSG Desk | Apr 13, 2024, 10:00 AM IST

Table fans are going to help you beat the summer heat without sacrificing space. These small table fans are portable cooling saviours that circulate air for targeted relief. They save more energy and money compared to air conditioners or ceiling fans. Their adjustable airflow lets you direct the cool breeze wherever you need it the most. Invest in comfort and eco-friendliness this summer with our top picks for the best table fans.

6 Best Table Fans To Beat The Summer Heat Without Compromising on Space
Want to install a fan to fight the heat this summer but don’t have enough space for it? A table fan swoops right in to help you survive the hot weather. Table fans are a trendy alternative to traditional ceiling fans when hanging or mounting a fan becomes impractical. They are one of the most practical cooling options. Table fans circulate air in your room, which helps to chill it down. They work best while providing air in close quarters. They are very portable due to their lightweight and compact size. They are a great solution when you need immediate but ongoing heat relief. Table fans usually have a dedicated directional flow that one can adjust manually. Since they consume less energy than air conditioners and don’t emit any harmful gases, they are an eco-friendly, energy-efficient solution to beat the harsh heat. Investing in a table fan reduces your electricity bill as the electricity consumed is less. These high-speed table fans let you enjoy the cool breeze without any worries.

There are different types of table fans present in the market, listed below are some of them:
  • Rechargeable fans- these work for 10 to 12 hours after fully charging and are USB-powered
  • Portable table fans- they are lightweight and can be moved easily from one place to another
  • Desk fans- these are highly portable fans with three different speed settings present

Here are our top picks for table fans that you need at your house to survive this warm season:

1. Most Noise-Free: Gaiatop Small Table Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric | Speed Levels: 3 | Noise Level: 50 dB | Controller Type: Button

Looking for a table fan that produces less noise and is lightweight? Then Giatop brings you the perfect solution with their USB-powered table fan. This rechargeable table fan has a super strong wind speed, which can reach up to 5.3 m/s. The speed settings of this table fan have three adjustable wind speed settings. This Giatop fan is adjustable and can go from 0 to 90 degrees. It can be used at your desk, home, study or office.

What are others saying about this?
This is a lightweight fan that is made out of great-quality material. Its power consumption is low as well and the noise produced by this is also less than that of other table fans.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • This desk fan produces very little sound, even at the highest speed
  • It can be charged through any USB-enabled power supply and adapter
  • Has adjustable speeds and tilts from 0 to 90 degrees

  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides free online customer service

  • May break if heavy pressure is applied

2. Most Oscillating: AmazonBasics High-Speed Table Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric | Speed Levels: 3 | Controller Type: Automatic

A high-oscillating fan becomes an absolute necessity when one is looking for table fans. This table fan by Amazon Basics provides cooling with 1456 rotations per minute (RPM) at maximum speed. It has aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep size of 400 mm. It has three angles of vertical tilting, which allows you to adjust the fan single-handedly as per your requirements. It has a 100% copper motor, which makes it durable and allows it to offer a smooth airflow mechanism.

What are others saying about this?
The wind speeds of this fan offer great cooling air, even on the first setting. This doesn't overheat, even after being used for 24 hours at a stretch. The table fan is easy to install as well.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Provides high wind speed, which one can set according to their needs
  • Has an 80-degree oscillation for quick cooling of the surroundings
  • Can be used with or without horizontal oscillation

  • Aerodynamic blades give high air delivery
  • Completely covered fan blades
  • Three angles vertically tilting
  • Durable

  • Some users have found this table fan to make too much noise

3. Most Sleek: Bajaj Pygmy Table Fan
Power Source: Electric | Speed Levels: 3 | Controller Type: Button Control

This Bajaj Pygmy table fan might look small but the cooling it provides should not be underestimated at all! This table fan offers a high speed of 1900 RPM while cooling you with its silent operation. This is USB-powered and comes with LED lights installed inside it as well. This has a blade sweep size of 110 mm, circulating cool air all around. Due to its compact size and sleek design, it can be easily carried anywhere. With this table fan, your trips to crowded places will be made easier.

What are others saying about this?
Despite its compact size, this fan delivers an impressive airflow that provides instant relief from the heat. It gives an exceptional performance and has a stylish design as well.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Has a whisper-quiet operation that will cool you without making much noise
  • It is an energy-efficient appliance which will consume less energy
  • Is portable enough to be carried anywhere

  • Made from high-quality material
  • Easy to maintain
  • It has three airflow modes
  • Compact design

  • Has no battery level indicator

4. Most Stylish: USHA Maxx Air Ultra Table Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric | Speed Levels: 3 | Controller Type: Button Control

Usha brings you both style and ultimate cooling with their USHA Maxx Air Ultra table fan. It is built with aerodynamic polypropylene blades to provide better air delivery to your space. With a simple side knob present on the fan’s body, you can easily access the tilt setting. Get ready to experience uniform, jerk-free oscillation with Usha. Its motor is built using 100% copper, which gives it a higher torque and even a longer life. The table fan also comes with a 2-year warranty.

What are others saying about this?
This table fan gives amazing air throw, even at the lowest speeds. It is easy to assemble as well. It doesn’t produce much noise while operating.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • It comes with an auto-thermal protector to protect the motor during thermal overloading
  • This table fan gives an air delivery of 70 m per minute
  • Has 1350 rotations per minute to offer the best cooling

  • Durable motor
  • Smooth operation and oscillation
  • Easy to install
  • Three-speed switch control

  • Some people may not find the quality to be good

5. Most Compact: Havells Cresent Personal Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric | Speed Levels: 3 | Controller Type: Button Control

Want a table fan that will not take up a lot of space in your room? This Havells Crescent personal fan will be a great fit for you then. It comes in a compact size that will not let you compromise on cooling for more room space. The jerk-free revolving grill in this will give you a wider spread of air to cool down your space’s temperature. This Havells fan can be used as a table fan and can even be mounted on a wall. It has 3-speed operation and a 2-hour timer.

What are others saying about this?
This Havells table fan has a very stable base and when in use, works quietly, at low noise. The airflow this fan gives is great and the speed settings are also great.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • It can be used as a table fan and also be mounted on the wall
  • Has an automatic power shutdown feature in case of accidental falls
  • Crescent personal fan offers a full 180° fan head movement

  • Delivers wider spread of air
  • Durable
  • Can set a timer to switch off fan
  • Produces low noise while operating

  • Some people may find the speed options available to be less

6. Most Elegant: Orient Electric Desk-26 Trendz Table Fan
Power Source: Electric | Speed Levels: 3 | Controller Type: Button Control

This table fan by Orient has a revolutionary CT Technology that reduces the operational noise of the fan to keep your space cool while not disturbing you. It also has a longer life with 100% copper motor winding which is durable as well. This Deck 26 Trendz comes with a speed piano switch control which gives you the freedom to select the speed levels manually. It has a 90° wide oscillation feature that circulates air quickly. The Deck 26 Trendz gives an air delivery of 90 CMM with aerodynamically designed resin blades.

What are others saying about this?
This table fan’s noise level is very low which allows you to continue working or just go by your day peacefully. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry to any room when needed. The airflow is also really good.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Has a high RPM of 1300, which will make the room cooler in less time
  • The table fan has a very stylish design that gives it a modern look which will pair well with the rest of your home decor
  • It has a powder-coated guard that ensures durability

  • The powder-coated guard allows protection against corrosion
  • Can tilt in two directions
  • It has a 90° oscillation
  • This table fan motor is made from 100% copper

  • Some people may find the airflow to not be sufficient

Does a table fan consume more electricity than a ceiling fan?
Since table fans are smaller than ceiling fans, they often have lower power ratings than them. A table fan normally requires between 30 and 60 watts of power, whereas a ceiling fan can use up to 70–90 watts, depending on its size and speed settings.

Does the table fan have a capacitor?
The capacitor on the fan is used to give a starting torque to the motor, which allows the table fan to start and spin. It needs to be installed on each single-phase motor of a fan to generate net positive magnetic flux.

What is the difference between a table fan and a ceiling fan?
Apart from the obvious size difference, what sets them apart is their airflow. The ceiling fan circulates air downwards through the space, whereas a table fan circulates air in an outward direction.