Best Maxi Dresses for Women to Wear This Summer to Look Absolutely Amazing

By TSG Desk | Updated Apr 5, 2024, 6:43 PM IST

Looking for new looks to wear this summer but can’t seem to find any? Then maxi dresses are your answer this season. Flowy and flattering, they're perfect for warm weather. You should choose breathable fabrics like cotton, chiffon and so on. Find a style that flatters your body shape and does not hide it. Consider the neckline too, as it should complement your figure. With endless styles, maxi dresses for women will have you covered for any occasion. Here’s a beautiful selection of women's maxi dresses to wear this summer.

Best Maxi Dresses for Women to Wear This Summer to Look Absolutely Amazing
Best Maxi Dresses for Women
Are you someone who’s tired of wearing the same overused outfits for every occasion this summer? Well, worry not, because Maxi dresses will help you look your best self at any event you attend. These maxi dresses are long dresses for women that reach below your ankles and sometimes even the floor. It's a super-airy outfit that compliments the wearer by being form-fitting at the top and becoming flowy at the bottom. All this makes these women maxi dresses perfect for the sunny weather, making you stand out from the crowd due to your elegance. They are comfortable on the skin and are versatile. Here are some things you should keep in mind while selecting a maxi dress for this hot season:

The fabric your maxi dress is made of should not be ignored, as some materials will not be suitable for the warm weather. Cotton, chiffon and so on are the kinds of fabrics you should keep an eye out for, as these are lightweight on the skin while also being breathable.

If a maxi dress is not of a fit that flatters your body shape, it can end up breaking your entire outfit. You should choose one that flatters your figure rather than one that hides it and for this, you'll need to consider both your body shape and size

These maxi dresses for women come in a variety of necklines to choose from. The kind of neckline present on your dress should be complimentary to your body’s shape

Here are our top maxi dresses for women that you can wear to any occasion this year:
Women Maxi DressesSleeve Type
Miss Chase Lavender and Wine Floral Maxi DressCap Sleeve
Harpa Women Casual DressSleeveless
RARE Women Dress Short Sleeve
Daevish Women's A-Line Maxi DressSleeveless
Mollar Women's Rayon Printed Fit and Flare Maxi Dress Sleeveless
Bollyclues Women's Floral Maxi DressShort Sleeve

Most Graceful: Miss Chase Lavender and Wine Floral Maxi Dress
Miss Chase Lavender and Wine Floral Maxi Dress

Material: Polyester | Style: Fit and flare | Neck: V-neck

A long, elegant maxi dress that you can wear to attend special occasions is a must-have. Ankle-length dresses always make you look classy. Miss Chase brings you this beautiful wine maxi dress that is perfect for weddings, evening parties and dinners. It even resembles prom dresses from the early 2000s that you would see all the Disney stars wearing. This maxi dress for women will cinch your waist and give your body a great silhouette figure. Due to this dress’s fit and flair style, this will look flattering on all body types.

What are other fashion enthusiasts saying about this?
This dress is very comfortable to wear and can be worn for multiple occasions. The flair this dress has is amazing. The side pockets are a bonus for you to store your mobile or your lipstick.

Why should you add this dress to your wardrobe?
  • This dress has lace detailing on the top part of the dress giving it a unique design that looks very stylish
  • The cap sleeves on this dress help give an illusion by extending your apparent shoulder width making your bust, hips and thighs appear smaller in comparison
  • The fit and flare style of the dress looks flattering on a lot of body types like pear-shaped, hourglass and apple-shaped figures as well

  • Has a floral pattern
  • Has a V-shaped neckline
  • Comes with side pockets as well
  • Good quality fabric used for the dress

  • Some users find this dress to be comparatively more expensive than other ones on the list

Most Versatile: Harpa Women Casual Dress
Harpa Women Casual Dress

Material: Cotton| Style: A-Line | Neck: Scoop

The cottagecore trend has got all of the girlies dressing in beautiful pastel, floral dresses. This flowy lilac dress by Harpa screams just that. This is the summer dress that will help you channel your inner coquette girl. It is adorned with a minimalistic flower print all over. This dress can be styled using various accessories, denim jackets or even cotton shrugs. Ballets, sneakers or heels will all help in putting your outfit together. You can accessorize this dress with a slim pendant or bracelet. Adding pearl jewellery will make this look more elegant.

What are other fashion enthusiasts saying about this?
This dress is made from high-quality material and the colour of the dress looks lovely. It can be worn during summer as it is and in winter with layering a few clothes.

Why should you add this dress to your wardrobe?
  • This dress is made from cotton which is a very breathable and comfortable fabric to wear, especially during sunny weather during summer
  • It is a very versatile dress that can be styled according to the kind of place you're going and the type of weather that is going on there
  • The dress has an A-line style that will look flattering on your body as it is more fitted at the top and gradually gets more flared towards the bottom

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable fabric
  • Sleeveless
  • Scoop neckline

  • Some users have reported that they had to go for a size bigger than their usual size

Most Elegant: RARE Women Dress
RARE Women Dress

Material: Georgette| Style: Fit and flare | Neck: V-neck

We have a fit and flair dress by Rare in the shade of black. This georgette dress has a floral pattern printed all over the dress. The dress can be worn for multiple occasions like date nights, New Year's events, and cocktail parties to have heads turning left and right. The flair this dress has, looks very graceful, especially while dancing. This dress would look great paired with minimalistic gold accessories like a pair of hoops and a bracelet or a watch. A dainty necklace, winged eyeliner and heels would have you look ready for any party.

What are other fashion enthusiasts saying about this?
This dress has a very alluring vibe to it. The print on the dress looks lovely with the black base. The dress feels very comfortable on the skin as well.

Why should you add this dress to your wardrobe?
  • The sheer material from the georgette fabric adds more flair to this gorgeous dress, giving it a more attractive look
  • This dress has short, loose sleeves which add more movement to the dress as a whole and looks very graceful
  • The neckline of this dress is V-shaped and gives the wearer a look leaner, longer and even taller

  • The dress has a great-fitting
  • Finishing on the dress is top notch
  • The dress material is very soft on the skin
  • A zipper is present on the side to make the dress wrap around the body elegantly

  • Dress material may not be suited for all seasons

Most Unique: Daevish Women's A-Line Maxi Dress
Daevish Womens A-Line Maxi Dress

Material: Rayon | Style: Fit and flair | Neck: Halter neck

A black dress is a must-have for times when you want to look your best without putting in the effort. Daevish brings you a supremely comfortable maxi dress that is lightweight as well. You can pair this maxi dress with heels and statement jewellery for instant elegance and glam for a night out or any event. This dress is made from rayon which makes the fabric soft, comfortable and breathable. This dress has a very unique back which will look great when one wears their hair up or keeps them away from the back.

What are other fashion enthusiasts saying about this?
This is a great dress with a supremely comfortable, airy material. This feels very lightweight on the skin and the back of the dress is hand down the best part of this dress.

Why should you add this dress to your wardrobe?
  • With this dress, you won’t have to compromise on style or comfort as this is made from a light breathable fabric
  • This dress features Raglan-styled sleeves that allow for greater movements for the one wearing the maxi dress and give your arms more room to move
  • The fit and flair style of the dress makes it look attractive on all body types

  • Comfortable
  • Unique design
  • Great material
  • Print doesn’t fade away

  • Some users have reported the fabric to be too thin

Value for money: Mollar Women's Printed Fit and Flare Maxi Dress
Mollar Womens Printed Fit and Flare Maxi Dress

Material: Rayon | Style: Fit and flair | Neck: Round Neck

Need an outfit for a day out but also want your pictures to turn out just like your Pinterest inspiration? Then worry not because Mollar has got you covered with their super cute floral printed dress. It comes with a beautiful round neck which makes the dress look more elegant. This a super versatile dress that is perfect for the summer due to its print and vibrant colour. The vintage-style neckline of this dress gives you a very graceful look.

What are other fashion enthusiasts saying about this?
This is a simple, chic and comfortable dress that can be easily dressed up or down depending on the. The straps present on this maxi dress are also nice and wide, providing no pressure on your shoulders.

Why should you add this dress to your wardrobe?
  • This dress has a sweetheart neckline that makes your torso and neck look longer all while drawing attention towards your neck, collarbones as well as shoulders
  • It is a sleeveless dress that allows one to be relaxed and not be restricted by sleeves while it is great for ventilation during hot weather
  • The rayon fabric this dress is made from is a very breathable material which is soft on the skin and keeps you comfortable as well

  • Easy to style
  • Fit and flare style
  • High quality long dress
  • Has adjustable straps

  • Some people may not like the adjusters given on the straps

Most Affordable: Bollyclues Women's Floral Maxi Dress
Bollyclues Womens Floral Maxi Dress

Material: Pure Crepe | Style: A-Line | Neck: Collared V-neck

We have a very classy-looking maxi dress by Bollyclues that is perfect for occasions like office parties or casual lunches with friends. This dress comes in the shade of a red that will remind you of the fall season and lovely flowers are printed all over the dress. The dress is made with crepe material which makes this ideal for the hot summer months. This dress can be accessorized with gold jewellery and heels to tie up the look together.

What are other fashion enthusiasts saying about this?
This maxi dress is very soft and comfortable to wear. The dress is made from good quality material which will not irritate the skin. The fitting of this dress is also perfect.

Why should you add this dress to your wardrobe?
  • This dress comes with a collared neckline that gives it a formal touch and it flatters your outfit more by adding elegance to your look
  • The crepe material that is used to make this dress is very lightweight and does not get wrinkles even after long hours
  • It has an A-line style of the dress gives you a flattering look and the drawstrings help one make the dress cinch on the body easily

  • Short sleeves
  • Versatile women's maxi dress
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made from premium quality Crepe

  • Some people might not be satisfied with the dress’s length


1. What are maxi dresses?
Maxi dresses are long dresses that reach your ankles or sometimes even the floor. They are typically form-fitting towards the top while the bottom of the dress tends to be flowing and loose. These are great for relaxed family celebrations, barbecues, and vacations, a casual or semi-casual maxi dress is a versatile, fashionable, and comfortable choice.

2. Which shoes should one wear with maxi dresses?
Since maxi dresses are super long, choosing the correct footwear to pair with them is crucial. Flats and heels are the perfect footwear options for wearing with these dresses. Opt for heels when your dress reaches the floor and opt for flats when you want to make yourself more comfortable.

3. Are maxi dresses casual or formal?
Maxi dresses have grown in popularity for formal events but also your more casual events such as cocktails with the girls, bottomless brunches, party nights and date nights. This depends on the way the dress is designed. For more sheer material dresses, they are better for casual looks while a long solid coloured dress would be better for a formal event.