Best Guitar for Beginners: Unleash Your Inner Artist

By Srishty Kumari | Updated Jan 9, 2024, 11:43 AM IST

Have you decided to learn to play the guitar and are looking for a great musical partner? Congratulations! you are going to get your best guitar ever. Here we've picked out some of the most popular beginner guitars online. These basic guitars are wonderful, versatile instruments that you can play for a lifetime.

Best Guitar for Beginners Unleash Your Inner Artist
Best Guitar for Beginners
Are you ready to unleash the artist in you? Look no further! We understand that choosing a guitar for beginner can be quite overwhelming due to the amount of information available online. That's why we wrote this article: here we have collected some interesting options for basic guitar online that will be perfect for beginners. All of these options are relatively inexpensive and easy to play. It requires no additional equipment, making it a great choice for those just starting.

Now encode your hidden musician and show off your talent in front of everyone. Dive into options and investments to kickstart your journey.

Best Beginner Guitar: Top Picks

Scroll down to explore our top picks of the best guitars online, chosen based on ratings, features, and value.

Guitar For beginners Price In India
Kadence rosewood GuitarRs 5,498
Juârez Acoustic GuitarRs 2,199
Intern INT-38C Right-hand Acoustic Guitar KitRs 1,899
Kadence Guitar Acoustica SeriesRs 6,998
Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar KitRs 2,299
Juarez Lindenwood Acoustic Guitar KitRs 1,999

1. Best For Kids: Kadence rosewood Guitar
Guitar for beginners 1

This beautiful beginner guitar is suitable for guitar players over 10 years old, especially beginners, students, or adults. The surface is covered with a layer of copper that is not easy to rust and prolongs the life of the wire. This basic guitar features a built-in preamplifier for amplified use with volume control, and 4-band EQ: bass, midrange, treble, and accent.

Colour Black
Material: Rosewood
String Material: Stainless Steel
Hand Orientation: Right

High gloss finishing
Stable and rich tone transmission
4 band EQ

A few customers received defective products.

2. Best Material: Juârez Acoustic Guitar
Guitar for beginners

Juarez guitar for beginners is made from solid wood that produces a smooth, rich sound that's ideal for rock, folk, country, and all genres in between. The low-impact rope feature reduces hand fatigue and is gentle on fingers, ideal for beginners, and builds hand strength.

Colour Black
Body Material: Wood
String Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 2 kg 60 g

18 frets for easy learning
Comfortable string height
Smooth tuning pegs

Quality may bother you

3. Best Size: Intern INT-38C Right-hand Acoustic Guitar Kit
Guitar for beginners

Intern basic guitar comes with everything you need to start playing right away. Its compact size and acoustic sound make it the ideal choice for listening to music anytime, anywhere. It has 18 frets, which is great for amateurs or beginners. However, if you plan to master the scales, you can choose a 24-fret guitar.

Colour Black
Material: Basswood
Neck Material: Maple
String Material: Stainless Steel

Cutaway design
18 frets
Linden wood material

You may receive a damaged product (easily returnable)

4. Best Sound Output: Kadence Guitar Acoustica Series
Guitar for beginners

The Kadence guitar for beginners is covered with a rosewood bridge that has high hardness, strong vibration conductivity, and stable and rich sound transmission. The golden-cut corner design is convenient for playing in a high position, emphasizing coordination and practicality.

Color: Ash Wood
Material: Wood
Neck Material: Ash Wood
String Coating: Film Coating

Deep pore paint finishing
Cutaway corner design
No easy to rust

A few users received damaged products (you may exchange or return)

5. Easy To Carry: Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit
Guitar for beginners

Intern INT-38C is a very dense and strong wood commonly found on Fender guitars. This beginner guitar comes with a strap, case, six strings, and three frets. The case and straps allow for easy portability, while the pickguard makes it easy to deliver precise, crisp, and portable sounds.

Colour: Blue
Body Material: Wood
Design: 38-inch cutaway
Finish: Blue glossy finish

Nickel string material
38 inch cutaway design
Smooth tuning

Suitable for children only

6. Best Overall: Juarez Lindenwood Acoustic Guitar Kit
Guitar for beginners

This Jaurez guitar for beginners has smooth tuning pegs, a good set of tuning pegs is pivotal to a guitar’s quality and is smooth and easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune. Their low-action strings reduce hand fatigue and are easy on the finger, ideal for beginners and building hand strength.

Color: 3TS Sunburst
Material: Wood
Fingerboard: Linden wood
Fretboard: Ebony wood
Size: 38 inches

Extra Strings
Shoulder Strap
Nylon Gig Bag

The fret height is too low

Best Guitar for Beginners: FAQ

1. Which type of guitar is best for beginners?
Classical and easy-to-operate guitars are the best choice for beginners.

2. Which guitar should I learn first?
If you are learning a guitar for the first time then going for an electric guitar is worth it.

3. Can I learn guitar in 2 months?
Learning guitar in 2 months can be possible only when you are a dedicated and consistent participant.