6 Best Dog Food Perfect for Boosting Your Pet’s Energy Levels

By TSG Desk | Updated Apr 18, 2024, 12:06 PM IST

If you are a proud dog owner, then you would be feeding your furry friend the best of dog food available out there. These dog foods are specifically manufactured for your furry friends and come with the right balance of essential nutrients. They are made with dog-friendly ingredients. These come in two forms, dry dog food and wet dog food. Here are some of the best ones that help boost your fur baby’s energy levels.

6 Best Dog Food Perfect for Boosting Your Pets Energy Levels
6 Best Dog Food Perfect for Boosting Your Pet’s Energy Levels
When you add a dog to your family, you need to commit to taking care of them as your child; as your baby. Being a pet parent comes with its fair share of responsibilities, like providing them with a comfortable dog bed, entertaining them with toys and most importantly, feeding them a nutritious diet. Make sure that your dog has the right food that can offer them multiple health benefits, including helping them maintain a healthy weight and grow properly. Dog foods come in two forms, dry food and as wet dog food. Wet food is a great way to give your dog a hydration boost, while dry food can support dental health. So, your dog’s everyday diet should have a healthy mix of both. When your dog is getting a proper nutritious meal, it can make a big impact on their health. Some factors you should keep in mind while selecting the best dog food for your dog are what age and life stage they are, their breed, size, health or medical needs, the ingredients present, the protein content and much more.

Here are some reasons as to why you should feed your pet the best dog food:

  • Feeding your dog fresh food, which is rich in immune-boosting nutrients and antioxidant helps in preventing any medical conditions
  • Manufactured pet food aligns with canine dietary guidelines that are made with the right balance of vitamins, fibre, calcium and protein
  • These are made with dog-friendly ingredients that support the good health of your pet as these have oils that give your dog a healthy coat while maintaining the optimum calcium and phosphorous levels for bone strength
  • These dog foods are convenient to store, easy to serve to your pet and come in a variety of flavours that contain a lot of good ingredients for your pet

Scroll down and get started on the best dog food journey for your fur baby.

6 Best Dog Food
Dog FoodQuantity
Jerhigh Wet Dog Food for All Life Stages120 grams, Pack of 12
Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food3 kg
Royal Canin Labrador Pellet Adult Dog Food3 kg
Drools Adult Wet Dog Food150 grams, Pack of 15
Kennel Kitchen Lamb Chunks in Gravy80 grams, Pack of 12
Purepet Chicken & Veg Adult Dog Food1 kg

1. Most Nutritious: Jerhigh Wet Dog Food for All Life Stages
Jerhigh Wet Dog Food for All Life Stages
Flavour: Chicken | Item Form: Wet, Gravy | Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian

First on the list we have JerHigh’s grilled chicken gravy which is a premium quality dog food made from real chicken meat. The chicken is transformed into delicious meaty chunks that are then topped up with their delicious gravy. This dog food is full of nutritional values that are derived from Vitamin E to promote silky fur and healthy skin for your furry friend. JerHigh’s dog food is suitable for all dog breeds, at all life stages.

What are other pet owners saying about this?
This gravy is of great quality with essential ingredients and your dog will really like its taste. The chunks in this gravy are larger than other wet foods and even the quantity is good.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Contains nutrients like Vitamin D3, Calcium and Vitamin B1 that are great for your dog’s health
  • Complements your dog's regular diet (dry food) without replacing essential nutrients
  • Can be used to make a larger batch which could be frozen in portions for convenient use and easy serving

  • For all life stages of your pet
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Easy to digest
  • Natural

  • Pet owners have reported that the portion sizes might be too large for some small dogs’ appetite

2. Most Popular: Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food
Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food
Flavour: Chicken and Vegetables | Item Form: Dry | Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian

Next up we have Pedigree’s adult dry food which is the most popular and loved brand for dogs all over the nation. This kibble (aka, dry food) will provide your pet with strong muscles, bones and teeth that help make them healthier and their coat shinier. It also helps in promoting a good digestive health and supports natural defences. Some of the special ingredients present in this are soyabean, calcium, chicken, minerals and various vitamins.

What are other pet owners saying about this?
This dog food is great for your pet and makes every fur baby fall in love with the flavour. They also give out a detailed lineage information that helps in understanding the genetic history of the dog, including its ancestors and potential health traits.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Contains quality ingredients like chicken meat, soyabean oil, peas, corn, wheat gluten and dietary fibre for promoting healthy growth
  • Provides your dog with minimum protein of 20%, minimum fat of 10% and maximum fiber of 5%
  • Developed by experts at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition for giving your dog the most nutritious food

  • Easy to store
  • Easy to serve
  • Balanced dog food
  • Consists of essential nutrients

  • Pet owners have said that some dogs might not like the flavor of this kibble

3. Most Premium: Royal Canin Labrador Pellet Adult Dog Food
Royal Canin Labrador Pellet Adult Dog Food
Flavour: Meat | Item Form: Dry | Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian

If you have a Labrador Retriever, then the Royal Canin brings you the perfect dry food for them. This kibble has an adapted calorie content which has an increased protein level and reduced fat intake to help your dog maintain a healthy weight. It helps support the skin's health with an exclusive complex featuring borage oil and other essential fatty acids among the nutrients included. This also has specific nutrients, like Omega-3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA, to support your pets' bones and joints.

What are other pet owners saying about this?
This dog food is the best dry food for your pet as it is excellent for their immunity and digestion. The added nutrients in this kibble are wonderful supplements for dogs.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Tailor made for providing proper nutrition to Labrador Retrievers as every breed has a different requirement
  • The shape, size and texture and formula of this kibble encourages chewing for your dog
  • Help your dog in maintaining an ideal weight and further nourish its coat

  • Improves bone and joint health
  • Gives your dog a healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Specifically made for Labrador Retrievers
  • Has essential nutrients for your pet

  • Some pet owners have found this to be expensive

4. Most Affordable: Drools Adult Wet Dog Food
Drools Adult Wet Dog Food
Flavour: Chicken | Item Form: Chunk | Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian

Next, we have Drools adult wet dog food that delivers a wholesome meal supporting the joint health of your pet. These Drools chunks provide your dog with a complete and balanced food diet that remains imbalanced or incomplete when it comes to home-cooked food. Drools offers all the essential nutrition to help keep your pet happy and agile throughout. Different combinations of Vitamins and other organic Minerals help in maintaining healthy bones and stronger teeth.

What are other pet owners saying about this?
This dog food is made up of high-quality ingredients and your pet will surely like its taste. It is super easy to serve and store as well. With the drools gravy you can feed your dogs a healthy and delicious meal without putting a dent on your pocket.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Contains chicken, egg and liver making this a balanced meal that is rich in aroma to helpboost your pet’s appetite
  • It has high-quality protein from chicken and egg with the combination of Fatty Acids and vitamins make your dog’s skin lustrous
  • Consist of a high water content to restore the moisture level in the food and help improve your dog’s digestive system

  • Maintains joint health for your dog
  • Gives them healthy skin and coat
  • Helps in making their digestive system healthier
  • Makes bones stronger and healthier

  • Pet owners have reported the quantity of food to be very less in the pack

5. Most Natural: Kennel Kitchen Lamb Chunks in Gravy
Kennel Kitchen Lamb Chunks in Gravy
Flavour: Lamb | Item Form: Gravy | Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian

Do you prefer to give your fur baby prefer a home-cooked meals? Then look no further then, Kennel Kitchen, that brings you their outstanding and nutritious wet dog food. Kennel Kitchen’s food is made by using real chunks of lamb and vegetables in a savoury gravy. Here at Kennel Kitchen, they believe in bringing delicious meals for your pet that is made from natural ingredients that are free from preservatives, artificial flavours or fillers.

What are other pet owners saying about this?
Your pet will enjoy the flavour of this wet food and finish their entire meal. The added nutrients in this help in boosting the dog's metabolism and strengthening their health.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Made with nutritious wet recipes that are highly digestible for them and is made using premium quality ingredients
  • This contains 100% fresh debones chicken and lamb chunks that provide a perfect balance of nutrition and taste
  • Since this a wet food, it is great for improving your dog’s digestion, help better their joint health and build a stronger immunity for them

  • Made for all life stages and breeds
  • Fresh lamb chunks are regionally sourced
  • Contains added vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Promotes muscle growth and development in your dogs

  • Some pet owners found the lamb chunks to be too small for their dogs

6. Value for Money: Purepet Chicken and Veg Adult Dog Food
Purepet Chicken and Veg Adult Dog Food
Flavour: Chicken | Item Form: Kibble | Diet Type: Non-Vegetarian

We have Purepet’s chicken and vegetable dog food which provides a balanced meal for your pet. This will help maintain an ideal weight for your dog while keeping it m active and agile. This kibble is a nutritious mix of all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost your pet's health and vitality. Purepet offers an economical diet that can be served as a whole meal and will fulfil all the nutritional needs of your pet. Purepet’s kibble is naturally processed and free from any artificial flavours.

What are other pet owners saying about this?
Your dog will gobble these kibbles up. They are of high quality and your pet would love their taste. The dogs will love the aroma this dry food has.

Why should you add this to your cart?
  • Crafted with important ingredients which help in supporting your pet’s health
  • Blended with essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats that are great for the development of your dog
  • Also helps providing healthy digestion for your pets while offering them a balanced nutritious meal

  • Can be served as a whole meal
  • Free from artificial flavours
  • Aids in healthy digestion
  • High quality diet

  • Some pet owners might not like the aroma of this kibble

Why is dog food important?
Dog food is essential for your pets as it provides them with complete and balanced meals that are filled with essential nutrients that their body requires to be healthy and growing. These pet foods are also made with dog-friendly ingredients that support their body.

Which nutrients are essential for dogs in pet food?
There are twelve minerals that are deemed as essential nutrients for dogs. Calcium and phosphorus are crucial for strong bones and teeth. Dogs need magnesium, potassium, and sodium for nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction and cell signalling. Your dog would also needwater, fat, protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals. Most dog foods make sure that your furry friend’s food is filled with these nutrients helping them grow to become a stronger version of themselves.

Can dog food be given to cats?
Dog food can be served to cats as it is non-toxic, but this should not become their regular meal or habit. While dogs are omnivorous their diet consists of both meats and vegetables, it’s not the same case with cats. Cats by nature are obligate carnivores that require a diet primarily considering meat.