7 Best Dog Nail Cutters & Clippers For The Grooming

By Simran Sukhnani | Updated Apr 15, 2024, 3:20 PM IST

Is your dog in need of a grooming session? It's now time to do it at home, as this will save your time and also go easy on your pockets. Here are the 7 best dog nail cutters and clippers to keep your dog groomed always and everywhere. Keep some treats handy as well!

7 Best Dog Nail Cutters  Clippers For The Grooming
Trimming your dog’s nails is important. It isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. Trimmed nails are important for a dog’s overall health and general comfort too. Your dog might wail, bark and cry while you do that because it feels scared and uncomfortable. But keeping that aside, nail trimming is an essential part of being a pet owner.

For good nail trimming, you need a great tool. A tool that is sturdy, safe, easy to use and swift. Here are our top recommended dog nail cutters and clippers for an easy grooming for your four-legged pal:

Best Dog Nail Cutters & Clippers
S.noBest Dog Nail Cutters & ClippersBest in
1PetVogue Dog Nail Cutter Clipper And FilerBest overall
2Foodie Puppies Professional Animal Nail Cutter/Clipper/Trimmer with FilerBest in color
3Sage Square Dog Nail Cutter Scissor RedBest in design
4RvPaws Slicker Grooming Brush and Nail CutterBest in combo
5HANK Dog Nail CutterBest in travel friendly
6MUNCHOS Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Scissor Trimmer & Cutter Grooming ToolBest in size
7Emily Pets Emily Pets Professional Stainless Steel Scissor ToolBest in grip

1. Best overall: PetVogue Dog Nail Cutter Clipper And Filer
Product Image 1 66
Colour: Red | Material: Stainless Steel | Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel | Style: Classic

Trim, file and get your pet ready to show off the vogue style! With sharp blades, non-slip handles and easy to use functionality, this nail cutter clipper and filer works the best for grooming your lovely baby. The set comes with a clipper and a filer so you can get rid of the pokey edges after cutting the nails.

Why choose this nail cutter & clipper for grooming?
  • Sturdy build for long-lasting use
  • Comes with a security lock for safety
  • Splash proof so the nails don’t swing off in the air

  • High quality sharpness
  • Strong grip

  • Some may not find the size to be apt

2. Best in color: Foodie Puppies Professional Animal Nail Cutter/Clipper/Trimmer with Filer
Product Image 1 67
Item Weight: 100 g | Item Dimensions: LxWxH 15 x 5 x 5 cm

Is your fur baby still in the puppy phase of life? Then this nail clipper by Foodie Puppies is the right pick for you! It is small in size and best for those pet parents who have a purr-fect little mischievous baby who is in the younger years of its life. The clipper features an aesthetic blue and white color with non-slip rubber coating that’s easy to grip and hold as your pet tries to slip away from your lap dreading the nail cutting ritual.

Why choose this nail cutter & clipper for grooming?
  • Comes with adjustable stop blade to prevent over cutting and any mishaps
  • Built-in safety lock clip ensures security even when the clipper is not in use
  • High quality 4.0 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades ensure accurate trimming

  • High quality
  • Ease of use

  • Some may not find the size to be small

3. Best in design: Sage Square Dog Nail Cutter Scissor Red
Product Image 1 68
Item Weight: 48 g | Item Dimensions: LxWxH 8 x 1 x 16.8 cm

A scissor to ensure easy trimming for your fur baby? Sign us up! The design of this nail trimmer sets it apart from the rest in the list. The unique scissor-shaped build ensures an additional grip, making it the perfect pick for the dog parents who go through a menace when their pets watch the clippers come out! The nail cutter is sharp to ensure precision cutting and sturdy to last you a lifetime and become your pet’s best friend too! (we all know your fur baby will never befriend the nail trimmer)

Why choose this nail cutter & clipper for grooming?
  • Blade made with hypoallergenic and durable stainless steel
  • Non-slip handles with a comfortable grip
  • Ensures comfort for your pet and you with precise nail cutting

  • High Quality
  • Ease of cutting

  • Size may be small

4. Best in combo: RvPaws Slicker Grooming Brush and Nail Cutter
Product Image 1 69
Colour: Multicolor | Shape: Square | Bristle Material: Plastic | Handle Material: Plastic | Special Feature: Eco Friendly, Self Cleaning | Product Benefits: Undercoat Removal

Why go for just nail cutting when you can groom your fur baby at home? Save costs on the vet visits and ensure the proper grooming of your dog at home with this kit by RvPaws. It features an ergonomic and safe to use nail cutter, a comfortable and sturdy nail filer, along with an easy-to-use grooming brush that makes all your tasks super easy. The nail cutter is equipped with stainless steel blades and powered up with a safety lock that ensures quick and easy cleaning. Then comes in the nail filer to get rid of the extra edges. The kit also consists of a grooming brush that strokes your baby’s fur and gently removes loose hair and tangles, ensuring a healthy coat.

Why choose this nail cutter & clipper for grooming?
  • Durable, sturdy and long-lasting grooming equipment
  • Practical and versatile, features all you need to groom your pet
  • The brush comes with an easy cleanup method that ensures no after-mess

  • Value for money
  • Ease of use

  • Comb quality may not be upto the mark

5. Best in travel friendly: HANK Dog Nail Cutter
Product Image 1 70
Item Weight: 150 g

Do you have a large dog who has grown tremendously from a fur baby and finding the right nail cutter for them is becoming a task? This one by HANK will solve your problem right away. It is built specifically to suit all dog breeds from small to large. So even if your german shepherd or labrador doesn’t fit on your lap anymore, this clipper would ensure that their nails are up to perfection every time! The clipper also offers a unique design, different to the ones found in the market. The safety lock comes with a smart placement on the left side and is super easy-to-use. The filer has a special hiding place on the left side, making sure that you never misplace that little tool.

Why choose this nail cutter & clipper for grooming?
  • Ergonomic handles with sturdy return spring
  • Smart safety lock with efficient security block
  • Super sharp blades ensure painless cutting in a single stroke

  • Clipping accuracy
  • Ease of use

  • Value for money

6. Best in size: MUNCHOS Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Scissor Trimmer & Cutter Grooming Tool
Product Image 1 71
Item Weight: 56 g | Item Dimensions: LxWxH 14 x 80 x 167 mm

Are you a lover of all pink and also like dressing your furry girl in pink? This grooming tool would be a perfect addition to her vanity. It is sturdy, efficient, precise and aesthetic-looking. It features a powerful, long-lasting spring with stainless steel blades to ensure 100% safety for your pet, minimizing the risk of infections or injury. This nail cutter also consists of a safety lock and safety stop blade that make the trimmer process seamless for your baby while ensuring that the clipped nails don’t fling off into the air.

Why choose this nail cutter & clipper for grooming?
  • Easy to use and ensures regulated movement
  • Offers very sharp, precise and clean cut
  • Swift and efficient

  • Aesthetic look
  • Good performance

  • Size is small

7. Best in grip: Emily Pets Emily Pets Professional Stainless Steel Scissor Tool
Product Image 1 72
Item Weight: 200 g

Are you a lover of the scissor style nail trimming tool? This kit is the perfect one for you as it features a filer too so you wouldn’t have to place an order for that separately. The scissor built makes the nail trimming process super quick and easy for many pet parents. If your pet hates the sight of clippers, just offer them a treat for distraction and this scissor nail trimming tool works as your best friend to cut off the sharp nails of your fur baby, without even letting them know! No hassle, no pain!

Why choose this nail cutter & clipper for grooming?
  • Ergonomically designed with non-slip handles
  • Strong, lightweight, and comfortable to use
  • Perfectly engineered length and design for smooth nail cutting

  • Ease of use
  • Apt sharpness

  • Quality may not be very durable

Which is better for trimming dog nails?
When it comes to trimming dog nails, the choice between nail clippers and scissors largely depends on your preference and your dog's comfort. Clippers are quick and straightforward, while scissors offer more control and a familiar grip.

Is nail trimming painful for dogs?
Nail trimming shouldn't be painful for dogs if done correctly. It's important to avoid cutting the quick, the sensitive part of the nail, as this can be painful and cause bleeding. Use proper tools and techniques to minimize any discomfort.

How do I choose a good nail clipper?
To choose a good nail clipper, opt for one designed specifically for dogs, with sharp blades and a comfortable grip. Consider the size of your dog and their nail thickness when selecting the right type of clipper.

What angle do you cut a dog's nails?
When cutting a dog's nails, aim to trim at a 45-degree angle to the nail. This helps avoid cutting into the quick and keeps your dog's nails at a safe length. If in doubt, consult with a professional or veterinarian for guidance.