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Best Neck Rests to Upgrade Your Travelling Style

By TSG Desk | Updated Jun 21, 2024, 6:21 PM IST

Are you in search of neck rest for yourself? If so, check out our top recommendation for the best neck rests. When it comes to travel, comfort is key, and a good neck rest can make all the difference. These neck rests come in variety of style and colour. In this article you will get many options to choose best for you.

Best Neck Rests to Upgrade Your Travelling Style
Neck rests are essential travel accessories designed to provide comfort and support during long journeys. Whether you're travelling by plane, car, train, or bus, a good neck rest can help prevent neck pain and discomfort by maintaining proper alignment of your neck and spine. These ergonomic pillows come in various materials, including memory foam and microbeads, to offer customized support that adapts to your body's shape. With features like compact design, removable covers, and breathable fabrics, neck rests are perfect for ensuring you stay comfortable and relaxed while travelling. Explore the variety of neck rests from our top recommendations. Before we go ahead let's check out benefits of using neck rests

Benefits of using neck rests:
  • Enhanced Comfort: Provides support to the neck, reducing strain and discomfort
  • Pain Relief: Alleviates neck and shoulder pain by promoting proper alignment
  • Improved Posture: Encourages correct posture, which can prevent long-term musculoskeletal issues
  • Travel Ease: Ideal for use during travel, helping to maintain comfort during long journeys
  • Reduced Fatigue: Minimizes fatigue by supporting the neck muscles, allowing for relaxation
  • Versatility: Can be used in various settings, such as at home, in the office, or while traveling

Best neck rests for ultimate comfort

Neck RestsMaterial
1. Urophylla Neck Pillows Memory Foam
2. Best Memory Foam Neck Pillow Memory Foam
3. Proglobe Airplane Neck Pillow Memory Foam
4. Samsonite Microbead 3-in-1 Neck Pillow Microbes
5. Cabeau Evolution Classic Memory Foam

1. Best in Comfort: Urophylla Neck Pillows
Urophylla Neck Pillows
Special Feature: Adjustable,Lightweight | Colour: Dark Green | Size: Large

The Urophylla Neck Pillow is available in five colors and is our top pick. It's lightweight, making it easy to carry while traveling. Made from memory foam, it offers excellent neck support and sleeping comfort, so you'll wake up feeling refreshed. This neck rest is designed specifically for long flights and has been tested to reduce discomfort and provide the best support.

What are other users saying?
Users love the super comfort that the neck rest offers to users. This neck rest also provides excellent support to the neck when travelling.

Why should it be added to your cart?
  • Ergonomic design that prevents your head from falling forward or backward
  • This neck rest is easy to carry
  • Made up from premium soft velvet that makes it look expensive and comfortable
  • Super comfortable
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft fabric

  • Some users have complained regarding its adjustable neck string is not adjusting proper

2.Best Fabric: Tallgo Best Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Tallgo Best Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Special Feature: Adjustable Buckle | Colour: Black | Size: Medium

Next is the Tallgo Memory Foam Neck Pillow, which is made from 100% high-quality memory foam for maximum comfort and support. Its natural contours fit your neck and shoulders perfectly, providing great support for a restful sleep. The outer cover is breathable, allowing air to flow and keeping you cool and comfortable during long trips. This neck rest has multi-angle protection that prevents your head from going forward, backward or sideways.

What are other users saying?
Users praise this neck rest’s multi-angle protection that provides complete coverage to your neck. They also love the neck rest’s high-quality memory foam.

Why should it be added to your cart?
  • Designed with Super soft silver fox texture plush velour fine soft
  • Supports head and neck with complete coverage
  • Offers adjustable string to keep your neck intact with the neck rest

  • Soft support material
  • Portable and comfy
  • Multi-angle protection
  • Adjustable buckle and strap

  • Users have reported regarding the color options being very less

3. Best in Portability: Proglobe Airplane Neck Pillow
Proglobe Airplane Neck Pillow
Special Feature: Lightweight | Colour: Gray | Size: Large

Experience healthier resting, riding, and sleeping with this updated ergonomic neck pillow. It provides proper support to help eliminate neck, shoulder, and back pain caused by long hours in vehicles and planes. Whether you're napping in a chair or lounging on a couch, this pillow makes it easy to fall asleep. It's also great for leaning back to read or watch media on your devices, keeping you comfortable for hours.

What are other users saying?
Users love the neck rest’s unique and comfortable design. They also appreciate its high-quality fabric which makes it soft.

Why should it be added to your cart?
  • Let’s you fall asleep comfortably on chair or couch
  • Easy to adjust the neck rest as per your neck size
  • It is compact, lightweight that makes it easy to carry

  • Super soft fabric
  • Easy to carry
  • Ergonomic design
  • Removable outer that makes it easy to clean

  • Some users have complained that the neck pillow doesn’t stay in one place and sometimes causes dis comfort

4. Best in Support: Samsonite Microbead 3-in-1 Neck Pillow
Samsonite Microbead 3-in-1 Neck Pillow
Special Features: 3-1 neck pillow | Colour: Light gray | Size: Medium

Next up is the Samsonite Microbead Neck Rest. This neck rest offers a luxurious and comfortable experience. It is made with high-density memory foam; that provides excellent support and comfort. The memory foam slowly molds to the shape of your neck and head, giving you extra comfort. Its gentle firmness supports your neck, helping you relax and reducing discomfort.

What are other users saying?
Users appreciate the neck rest’s awesome support and comfort. They also love the light aesthetic color of the neck pillow.

Why should it be added to your cart?
  • U-shape design fits snugly around your neck for maximum support and comfort
  • Filled with thousands of microbeads for a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.
  • Secures easily around upright handle tubes
  • Super soft
  • Fits perfectly with its adjustable strap
  • Comfortable
  • Washable and breathable
  • Some users have reported regarding the sizes availability according to different neck sizes is less

5. Best Colour: Cabeau Evolution Classic Neck Pillow
Cabeau Evolution Classic Neck Pillow
Special Features: Patented ergonomic design, 360-degree protection | Colour: Blue | Size: Small

Another best option on the list is the Cabeau Evolution Classic Neck Pillow which includes a removable cover for easy cleaning. Its compact design allows it to be easily folded and stored in a small bag provided with the pillow. Amazingly, this bag is smaller than a mobile phone, making it incredibly easy to carry on your travels. This neck rest offers comfort with a stylish look.
What are users saying?
Users love the neck rest’s super and stylish look with elegant blue color. They also love the softness and support neck rest offers.

Why should it be added to your cart?
  • Offers great coverage to your complete neck
  • Features like a thin flat back to avoid pushing your neck forward
  • Raised edges to support your head and chin in every direction

  • Full coverage
  • Soft velour cover
  • Toggle clasp for proper fit
  • Machine-wash safe

  • Some users have complained that this neck rest feels very hard and stiff on the neck when used in initial days


Can neck rests/pillows be washed?
Yes, many travel pillows include removable and washable covers, making them easy to clean. However, it's important to note that each pillow comes with its own care instructions based on the materials and construction. Be sure to review these instructions to properly maintain your pillow.

How to choose the best neck rest for yourself?
To select the ideal travel pillow, consider your favored sleeping posture, desired level of support, pillow size, and ease of portability. Additionally, you may want to explore options with adjustable straps or cooling features to meet your specific needs.

Are memory foam neck rests good to use?
Yes, memory foam travel pillows offer exceptional comfort due to their ability to conform to the shape of your neck and head. This feature provides personalized support to your neck while alleviating pressure points.