6 Best Kitchen Storage Containers with Lids for a Clutter-Free Space

By Simran Sukhnani | Updated Mar 18, 2024, 4:56 PM IST

Love keeping your kitchen clean and organized but confused how to get started? The no.1 thing you need is a kitchen storage container that holds in everything, keeping it at one place. And when combined with a lid, this container becomes unstoppable! Here are 6 best kitchen storage containers with lids that help you maintain a clutter-free space.

6 Best Kitchen Storage Containers with Lids for a Clutter-Free Space

A clutter free, organized, clean kitchen top is a dream for many of us - not just our moms anymore! When you enter the kitchen to cook your favorite meal or repeat your popular recipe one more time, finding a categorized space feels like a privilege. And, mind you, this blessing is only available for those who know the secret to keeping their kitchen space classified. So, here we are spilling confidential information about a sorted out, clean and organized kitchen - Kitchen Storage Containers!

Grabbing the pasta box for that pink sauce recipe or spilling the rice sack for a quick biryani, does this sound like you too? Well, not anymore! Because the Kitchen Storage Container Sets, we are gonna be talking about today will have your back wherever and whenever.

The lifeline for home cooks, the boon for small-bite eaters; storage containers are best known to store a world inside themselves. Poha, rice, flour, pasta, spices, pulses and everything in between, store what you like and what you need, as per your convenience. Some of these container sets feature the same size storage containers while others are a mix of different sizes.

We have carefully selected the best storage container sets out there that are perfect for kitchen storage and keep your recipes at your fingertips, while keeping the clutter 7-feet away! Here are 6 best kitchen storage containers with lids:

Best Kitchen Storage Container with Lids:
S. noBest Storage Container For KitchenSet ofContainer Capacity
1CELLO Checkers Pet Plastic Airtight Canister SetSet of 18300ml x 6, 650ml x 6, 1200 x 6
2Solimo Modular Plastic Storage Containers with LidSet of 61.8l x 6
3MILTON Storex Storage New Print ContainersSet of 34.86l x1, 6.97l x1, 10l x 1
4Nayasa Plastic Fusion ContainersSet of 61000ml x 6
5GOLWYN Air Tight Containers For Kitchen Storage SetSet of 81100 ml x 8

1. Best overall: CELLO Checkers Pet Plastic Airtight Canister Set
CELLO Checkers Pet Plastic Airtight Canister Set
Material: Plastic | Material Feature: BPA Free, Microwave Safe | Capacit: 300 ml
Set of 18 consists of: 300ml x 6, 650ml x 6, 1200 x 6

Store your dry food in the kitchen with complete hygiene and safety offered by this Plastic Kitchen Storage Set by Cello. Built with durable and shatterproof material, it can easily hold strong against everyday wear and tear, being the best partner for your busy mornings. These containers are 100% food grade so you can be rest assured about consuming healthy food everytime you twist the lid. The plastic used here is also free from BPA and odor. Store your food in the airtight seal of safety and keep it fresh forever.

What do other customers have to say about it?
This storage container set is high-quality and supreme value for money. It is also very durable (some may even last you years!) and the packaging is excellent too. One may vary about the tightness of the airtight lid but here that becomes no worry! You can be rest assured.

Why bring Cello Checkers Plastic Containers Home?
  • They are completely refrigerator safe and come with an easy to open, wide mouth
  • Airtight seal mechanism helps preserve the freshness and flavor of food items for a long time
  • All containers in the set are durable and shatterproof to withstand the demands of everyday use

  • Airtight lid with see through body
  • Round shape for easy storage
  • Odorless

  • Some users have reported that the size of the smallest lids may is not as convenient as the bigger ones

2. Amazon Brand - Solimo Modular Plastic Storage Containers with Lid
Solimo Modular Plastic Storage Containers with Lid
Material: Plastic | Material Feature: Recyclable | Capacity: 1.8l
Set of 6 consists of: 1.8Lx6

Looking for something basic that does the work and lasts you super long? Amazon’s Solimo has heard you loud and clear. This Modular Plastic Kitchen Storage Containers Set by the brand is here to give your kitchen the depth you are looking for. It features 6 containers with 1.8 litres capacity each that work well to store rice, pasta, flour, and many more dry food items. This set also features airtight lids that keep the food fresh and preserved for a long time, so no chance for bugs whatsoever. One interesting thing about these kitchen storage containers is that all 6 containers are of the same size and the capacity is large enough for you to be able to store ration that you can consume over a period of time. You can also stack the containers on top of one another to save space in your kitchen storage drawers.

What do other customers have to say about it?
The performance of this storage container set is top notch! It is made up of good quality material and helps you store all sorts of ingredients with complete ease. The stacking system saves space while making your kitchen space look super sleek.

What’s special about Amazon Solimo Modular Plastic Storage Containers?
  • Snap closure type helps in quick opening and closing the boxes whenever required
  • The storage containers are leakproof and completely airtight keeping your food fresh
  • Sturdy and scratch resistant plastic that’s food safe, and BPA free

  • Microwave safe
  • Can be used for storage in refrigerator also
  • Sturdy and durable

  • Airtight feature takes extra time for lids to close

3. Best in design: MILTON Storex Storage New Print Containers, Set of 3
MILTON Storex Storage New Print Containers Set of 3
Material: Polypropylene Plastic | Material Feature: Food Grade | Capacity: 4860 ml
Set of 3 consists of: 4.86l x1, 6.97l x1, 10l x 1

Making it to the list for best kitchen storage containers we have the classics found in every house - the set of 3 print containers that have ample amount of space to store everything! From 10 kg rice to little packets of powders that don’t fit in the masala box yet, this storage container set is here to keep everything. They serve as the complete solution for all your kitchen storage needs featuring capacities from 5 to 7 and 10. They are made of virgin food grade Polypropylene that keeps grains fresh for long and an airtight lid that keeps the moisture in.

What do other customers have to say about it?
Best design, best looks, best appearance! This storage container set is the perfect one for all of this. It is good value for money, feels sturdy and durable, and combines the best of functionality and style. The space-saving design is an add on!

What makes it a top pick for your kitchen?
  • Superior design that makes it stand out in your kitchen, keeping it classy and smart
  • These containers are 100% recyclable and made with PP Material that’s completely food contact safe
  • Available in a number of colors and designs so you can pick according to your preference

  • Clear plastic look to see the contents clearly
  • Airtight lid
  • Great design

  • Lid may pose some problem with prolonged use

4. Best budget: Nayasa Plastic Fusion Containers
Nayasa Plastic Fusion Containers
Material: Plastic | Material Feature: Reus, Recyclable, Microwave Safe | Capacity: 1000 ml
Set of 6 consists of: 1000ml x 6

A lover of the color gray that blends in every design and decor? Then these storage containers deserve to be in your kitchen. This set features 6 different containers with 1000ml capacity each so you can store pulses, grains, and everything else you want with complete ease. Keep them all in one rack but separate - no spilling, no fuss! The lids of these storage containers are the most exciting thing about this product. They feature an interesting braided design on top that offers more stability and durability. This set of storage containers can also store hot liquids!

What do other customers have to say about it?
The space, functionality and sturdiness is completely outstanding! This storage container set is complete value for money and brings out the best for your kitchen drawers. The lid design suits every decor and looks magnificent in every space!

What makes it a top pick for your kitchen?
  • Different size to store similar kinds of products separately
  • Airtight containers featuring superior lid design that makes them last long
  • Can be used to store hot liquids and is completely odorless

  • Airtight lids
  • Microwave safe
  • Made with BPA free plastic virgin material

  • Lid is of high quality might need a stronger push to open up everytime

5. Best with lock lid: GOLWYN Air Tight Containers For Kitchen Storage Set
GOLWYN Air Tight Containers For Kitchen Storage Set
Material: Plastic | Material Feature: BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Food Grade | Capacity: 1100 Milliliters
Set of 8 consists of: 1100 ml x8

Love the look and feel of clear glass in your kitchen drawers? Then this storage container set is the perfect one for you. What sets this set apart is that it features lock lids that keep the container intact and save the contents from spilling. The airtight feature also keeps your food fresh and bacteria free. The lids for these containers are made with silicone gaskets that make them air-proof and are also easy to flip up right on top! The ease of washing allows reusing and lasts you a lifetime!

What do other customers have to say about it?
The appearance, quality and value of these kitchen storage containers is top notch! They are super sturdy and cannot break apart easily. The capacity is also outstanding. The lock lids assure high-quality safety and keep the contents intact.

What makes it a top pick for your kitchen?
  • Made with premium quality plastic that is 100% airtight and 100% leak proof
  • Transparent glass like look that feels premium and makes it easy to spot food too
  • Composed of durable plastic that’s BPA free, safe to use and super durable

  • Clear containers
  • Lock lids
  • Intelligently designed

  • The lock lids take tad bit longer to shut compared to others on the list


Which is best for storage in the kitchen?
The best storage options for an organized kitchen are kitchen containers. They can be stacked up and store a lot of stuff inside them too. You can also add pull-out pantry shelves, lazy susans and clear containers.

How do I add storage to my small kitchen?
Vertical kitchen spaces can be used with shelves and hanging organizers can be added along with magnetic strips to make the most out of limited space in the kitchen area. Also, regularly declutter the area to maintain an organized layout.

Which containers are best for kitchen storage?
You can opt for stackable, airtight containers with lids that are made of BPA-free plastic for functional kitchen storage. Clear containers work great as they offer enhanced visibility and modular designs too, optimizing space effortlessly.